As we finished off a fabulous 2014, the new year brought with it the opportunity to add some new faces to the already diversely talented Kuli Kuli blogging team.  We are happy to share with you a bit more about ourselves and look forward to bringing you fresh and exciting content as 2015 gets into full swing. So without further ado, meet our bloggers!

Ada Yim


Meet Ada, a Californian self-proclaimed foodie, a gastronaut, and a food scientist. She graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Food Science, the Gemological Institute of America Graduate Diamonds Program, and Mel’s Tea Academy as a Tea Taster and Tea Grader. Diamonds, food, and tea tasting aside, she spends her free time baking, reading about upcoming food products/tech/ trends, and exercising so she can have more cake. She understands health and nutrition and believes the fine balance is everything in moderation. She enjoys a good food pun and is super excited to be writing for Kuli Kuli! So, lettuce turnip the beet and get this party started!

Alex Monahan

Alex Monahan

Alex Monahan, native to Washington, D.C., is an undergraduate student attending Stanford University. Alex has a variety of interests, including engineering, economics, and public policy. He plans to study a combination of these subjects while in school. At Stanford, Alex is a Teacher’s Assistant for “Public Speaking,” a course in the engineering school. His past experiences include environmental research at companies in the D.C. area and working as a Chemistry Teacher in his high school career.

Carolyn Erving


Carolyn is currently a third year Environmental Humanities major at Whitman College. She has contributed to Kuli Kuli as the former blog editor and summer communications intern and is excited to focus her blog posts on cooking with moringa. When she isn’t studying, Carolyn spends her time cooking and going on long runs.

Dave Keirstead 

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Dave graduated from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences. He began working for Kuli Kuli as a blogger last summer and took over as blog editor in December.  As a fitness and sustainability enthusiast, he is always excited to learn more about healthy, nutritional foods which can have a positive impact on both human health and our planet.  His journey into eating superfoods began after reading vegan ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek’s book, ‘Eat and Run’.  In addition to Kuli Kuli, Dave also works for an environmental consulting firm in his native Massachusetts.

Emma Hutchinson


Emma is a world traveler, a musician, and a nature lover. She is a college sophomore studying Earth Systems at Stanford University, and sees herself as a future communicator between scientists, economists, policymakers, and the general public to tackle environmental issues. Her past experiences have included a research position with Stanford’s School of Earth Sciences, a summer internship at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 8 office, and a TEDx talk at a youth event in Denver. She also works as an Oral Communication Tutor at Stanford and plays clarinet in the Stanford Wind Ensemble.

Joann Olson


Joann is currently a senior in the Didactic Program for Dietetics (DPD) at the University of Minnesota. The area of study for the DPD program includes coursework in: Lifecycle and Advanced Human Nutrition, Metabolism, Biochemistry, Food Safety, Food Science, Medical Nutrition Therapy, and many other professional courses. She will be applying for an accredited and competitive Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics internship in the spring. Completing the internship process will allow Joann to sit for the Registered Dietitian exam in 2016. Joann currently spends her time parenting, studying, and working at a local hospital in the dietetic office. She also volunteers at the Minneapolis VA Healthcare Systems and growing her co-founded initiative Freshen Up Families.

Katie Kossow


Originally from South Dakota, Katie is finishing off her degree in food science at the University of Minnesota. She is interested in anything that has to do with food: where it comes from, how it’s made, and how its production affects the planet. She believes in a hybrid between the conventional food industry and more organic industry of recent years, and feels strongly on the need to bridge the gap between science and the public through writing. As an avid cook and reader, Katie enjoys a wide variety of literature and trying out new recipes. Some of her favorite things in life include hiking, Starbucks, and cats.

Michelle Chirby


Michelle is the Communications Fellow for Kuli Kuli, and as part of this position she researches potential topics for our bloggers. She is a Michigan native who thinks it’s important to be green and GO BLUE! Michelle joined Kuli Kuli after spending two years in Benin, West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer where she worked with her community to address the challenges of food security and public health. There, she frequently incorporated moringa into her projects related to nutrition and reforestation. She currently lives in Oakland, CA, where she enjoys cooking, writing, running around outside, and playing with her lucky black cat.

Olivia Greenfield


Born and raised in Oakland, California, Olivia spent her childhood cooking traditional Jewish recipes with her mothers. As a teen she discovered the Bay Area restaurant scene and began building an interest in locally sourced, seasonal fare. Amidst this blossoming love of a shared table, she decided to go vegan and soon taught herself how to cook healthy meals on the cheap side. As she began to get more active in her school’s environmental club, her initial curiosity into the food world eventually transformed into a full blown obsession.

Not wanting to leave her beloved west coast behind, she traveled north to attend The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. There she fell down the DIY rabbit hole and immersed herself in the green movement, taking whole hog butchery classes, tending her own garden, learning how to make home-brewed plum wine, and baking artisanal sourdough bread. Yet, it still didn’t feel like enough; her thirst for knowledge of all food systems brought her to study traditional food culture in France, where she completed a field research study in Norman cheeses, worked on a porc noir farm, prepared three course dinners for a yoga retreat center, and cooked with locals as she toured the Spanish coasts. Olivia is now putting her BA/BS degree in Food Science and Policy on hold to live and work in Seattle. She still bakes bread in her spare time.

Sofia Schonenberg


Hello, my name is Sofia and I began writing for Kuli Kuli in August. As an International Studies major at the Johns Hopkins University, I have been exposed to many perspectives on certain global issues and ideas. Having been a Miami, Florida native, I have also come to appreciate different languages and cultures such as Spanish and German. Growing up in a tropical environment provided a large variety of fresh foods and local farmers markets, allowing me to further my education in proper nourishment. I have a strong interest in sustainability, and hope to aid in the development of better independent farming practices. While helping to provide sustainable farming is essential, I feel the best way an area can flourish is through giving it the tools to allow it to eventually efficiently nourish itself. I hope to practice international law in the future and focus my research on Latin American infrastructures. Aside from academics, my interests range from music and art museums to being an active runner.