Moringa Green Energy Shots vs 5 Hour Energy

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!” – Robin Williams.

Let’s go party outside! The sun is out, the flowers are showing off, and the birds are active. It’s time to get out of the stuffy gym, off the groan-inducing treadmill and into the great outdoors. Many of us are motivated by Spring’s narrative of renewal and rebirth. With nervous energy and anticipation we eagerly sign up for upcoming races and adventures. However, some of us need more than just fresh air and chirping birds to spring into action. Need to give your booty a boost? Energy shots are an effective way to replace apathy with a powerful jolt.

There are a plethora of energy shot brands and options to choose from, but for this blog article we are going to focus on 5 Hour Energy.  Because of its popularity, strategic placement for impulse buys, and status as the first mover, 5 Hour Energy is a worthy first opponent for our moringa shots. In typical Kuli Kuli fashion, we are going place our Moringa Green Energy Shots in a 1 on 1 winner take all battle against 5 Hour Energy.  Our bets are on moringa.

Moringa Energy Shots vs 5 Hour Energy

* Kuli Kuli sources the caffeine from green tea and not a lengthy chemical cocktail of glucuronic acid, malic acid, phenylalanine, and other words that are jarring and hard to pronounce.

** Kuli Kuli’s sugar source is tapioca syrup and stevia, which are both natural sweeteners. 5 Hour Energy gets its sugar from sucralose, which is an artificial chemical substitute.

Kuli Kuli Green Energy Shots

Moringa Green Energy Value

The value of Kuli Kuli’s moringa shots lies in the transparency, effectiveness, and socially responsible nature of this product. When you drink this product you can be confident that you will not be ingesting any harmful, questionable ingredients. There are also a variety of flavors such as ginger lemon, coconut, and raspberry. Like your workout, it is more exciting and sustainable to switch it up!

Thanks to moringa the miracle tree, Kuli Kuli’s Moringa Green Energy Shots contain 1/2 a serving of greens, the caffeine of 1/2 a cup of coffee, vitamins C, A, and E, and iron. Although caffeine can give a quick boost of energy, a healthy diet will do much more to kick your body into gear. When the body has everything it needs such as essential amino acids and vitamins, it runs better and inherently has more energy. For example, iron deficiency is the most prevalent nutrient deficiencies, particularly in women. An iron deficiency can cause fatigue easily since iron is essential in the blood’s ability to transport oxygen in the body. If the body happens to be a little short on iron or any other nutrient, this energy shot may help it along.

Moringa Green Energy Shots vs 5 Hour Energy

5 Hour Energy Woes

5 Hour Energy is probably the most popular energy shot currently on the market. In just under 2 oz., 5 Hour energy promises to give consumers hours of energy, without the dreaded “crash”. 5 Hour Energy is essentially a collection of B vitamins: B3 (niacin), B6, B9 (folic acid), and B12. B vitamins are essential nutrients that our bodies need for good health.  They also help the body convert food into glucose, which is used for energy. However, most of these vitamins are present in unnecessarily large amounts (B12 at 8333% daily value!). Furthermore, B vitamins are water soluble which means that the body only takes up what it needs and disposes of the rest. While the excess amount does not pose any adverse affects, there is no additional benefit from consuming copious amounts of B vitamins.

Moringa Green Energy Shots vs 5 Hour Energy

Another Race Won

Moringa wins as usual. It is clear that these products have different ingredient profiles to create their energy product. Perhaps what stands out most is what is listed on the labels. 5 Hour Energy warns against children, pregnant or nursing women, and those with a medical condition from using their product. There is also a note that users may experience a Niacin rush, which can include skin redness and heat on the skin. Not a good look.

In the end, it’s always important to note that a balanced, healthy diet will have much more benefit in the long run towards energy and overall health. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to get that balanced meal in during a busy day. Be comforted to know that grabbing a Moringa Energy Shot, means a little extra energy and a little extra nutrition during a hectic day.

moringa iced tea

Get on Track For Spring

With your moringa energy shot in hand and the sun shining, you may be interested in trying out a new workout this Spring. Below is the sprint, fast twitch muscle workout our blogger-athlete, Melissa has been following recently.

100m sprint: 12-16 times @15-16 seconds pace. (adjust depending on fitness and goals)

200m jog: recovery in between each sprint.

We challenge you to test out both energy shots for this workout. Every person and body reacts differently. It is truly about finding what works for your needs, individual sensitivities, and chemical make-up. Be intentional on listening to your body! The key is to reach your peak performance level. Moringa Energy Shots are a delicious, revitalizing, and effective option. But do not take it from us. Test it. Try out other brands, as well. We are very curious to hear about your experiences!

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