workout warrior

First month of the New Year, and you’re in the beginning weeks of the resolution you decided upon about an hour before the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Eve. The workout routine has been going well, but motivation may be seemingly trickier to find. To avoid having a repeat of the lost goals faced annually, try a different approach to working out.

Workout for your inside, not your outside. The health benefits of fitness should be on the forefront of your exercise expedition. Looking good in a little black dress will come along with the endeavor. It is hard to deny the positive physiological and psychological effects of fitness- stress reducing and all.

Often times we may find how hard it is to set a regular schedule to exercise. Between juggling work, personal wellbeing, adequate sleep, and family/friends, it can get overwhelming. Maybe the gym is just somewhere you will never be able to go. Thankfully, complete workouts are now available at the touch of a button online.  Try “Well Workouts” by Gretchen Reynolds. These scientifically proven effective different exercises will certainly get you on the right track. There is even a new app for it. More of a runner? “Mapmyrun”is another app that keeps track of your mileage and even connects you with friends as well.

Having the right playlist can do wonders to boost your workout and keep you going a few minutes longer.  Spotify’s Workout playlists are frequently updated- so you always have a choice from any genre you like. A proper playlist keeps you going. Last tip- be comfortable in your own skin (or workout clothes)! Too often people obsess about compression outfits from head to toe. Recently, scientists have debated whether the benefits really are as extensive as claimed from such clothing. While there is no research to prove harmful, you can probably save a few bucks if you do not have any.

Not everyone’s workout regime is the same. That is okay! Yoga may suit you better than running, or kickboxing may be more engaging for you then Pilates. No matter the case, be your own workout warrior and that way 2015 will not stand a chance.