The future of food might look a bit different than what we’re used to. To keep nourishing our growing population, we’ll need to turn superfoods into staple foods.

Local farmers and communities should benefit from the foods they send around the world. We should all take notice of climate-friendly foods. We should reward the people and systems that care for the environment during the cultivation and production of food.

And, of course, we must discover and embrace the foods and dishes that truly nourish our bodies.

For conscious eaters around the world, moringa is a special plant that’s beginning to draw attention. Culturally significant, environmentally-friendly, and nutritionally fabulous—moringa is a game-changer.

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What Is Moringa?

the bright leaves of a moringa tree

Moringa is a tree that’s native to India and East Africa. It’s also grown in Asia and South America. As a fast-growing and drought-resistant species, it’s been embraced in many lands by many peoples.

Like any special plant, moringa has earned various names: the drumstick tree, the horseradish tree, the ben oil tree, the tree of life, and even the miracle tree.

What’s so miraculous about moringa?

Well, along with its history of use in traditional medicine, the plant today helps to transform communities in a number of ways: improving nutrition, boosting rural economic strength, and providing a means of sustainable food production and landcare.

Moringa is caffeine-free, but it’s full of all the healthy nutrients that provide clean and natural energy boosts: protein, vitamins, potassium, iron, and more.

Adding Moringa Powder to Foods and Drinks

Kuli Kuli organic pure moringa powder

As a leafy green vegetable, moringa leaves have a lot in common with other superfoods like kale and spinach. However, moringa is in a league of its own nutritionally. Compared to kale, moringa has twice as much protein, three times more calcium, two times more iron, and 1.5 times more fiber. 

To produce Kuli Kuli Moringa Leaf Powder, our leaves are harvested and processed on the same day to preserve the maximum nutritional value they offer. The result is an incredibly dynamic powder that can add vitality to any meal. 

“I mix a teaspoon in hot water and drink it as a warm beverage. I have very high expectations for the things I nourish myself with and Kuli Kuli Moringa Powder passes the test for me. I cannot drink coffee or tea and it’s really nice to finally have a “go to” to replace the warm beverage ritual that’s been missing in my life for so long.

Thank you Kuli Kuli for testing your high quality powder for molds and toxins and for your transparency with the results. It makes all the difference!”

Jeannette ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Reviewer

For creative cooks and eaters, there’s no limit to the uses of moringa powder. You can add it to any number of foods and beverages as a featured ingredient or a small-serving add-on.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few simple, delicious, and nutritious ways to add moringa powder to your diet.

Moringa Powder Smoothies

Smoothies are probably the most popular way to consume any sort of nutritional powder. It’s a quick way to take in a number of healthy ingredients all at once in a liquid form that’s easy on the tummy.

Pick your favorite smoothie recipe and simply add in one teaspoon to one tablespoon of moringa powder. Swap out an existing powder or green ingredient, or just add it to the mix without making any other changes.

You can’t go wrong by adding moringa to your daily morning or post-workout smoothie. Nutritionally, there’s no downside to a daily dose of this superfood—only lots of benefits.

adding moringa to your daily morning or post-workout smoothie

Moringa Guacamole Dip

dipping a tortilla chip into a glass bowl of delicious

Combine the plant-based protein power of avocado with moringa’s superfood qualities. You’ll make a dip that’s oh-so-delicious yet incredibly nourishing.

Part of the appeal of guacamole is, of course, its simplicity. All you really need is a crushed avocado. The most important addition is a bit of salt, followed by lime juice. From there, individual choices take over, with extra seasonings and veggies added as you like.

Moringa slides in effortlessly with the texture and taste of guacamole. Moringa’s flavor will mostly be overshadowed by the rich, salty, and tangy tones that are already there in your guac. If anything, moringa will just add a bit of an earthy bite.

Use a mild ingredients mix if you’d like the moringa taste to be noticeable. Or, be generous with the salt, lime, and add-ons if you’d like the moringa to move into the background.

It’s easy to just add moringa powder to your current guac recipe. Or, try this quick and easy delicious moringa guacamole dip recipe:


Ripe avocados3
Salt1 tsp
Diced onions1/2cup
Chopped fresh cilantro3 tbsp
Roma (plum) tomatoes2
Minced garlic1 tsp
Ground cayenne pepper (optional)1 pinch
Kuli Kuli Pure Moringa Powder1/2 packet


  1. Mash the avocados, lime juice, and salt in a medium bowl.
  2. Mix in the onion, cilantro, tomatoes, moringa powder, and garlic. Stir in the cayenne pepper if you wish to add it.
  3. Refrigerate for one hour for the best flavor or serve immediately if you can’t wait to try it.

Moringa Brownies

healthy brownies made with moringa powder, almonds, and walnuts

Can a leafy green superfood squeeze its way into sweet baked goods like brownies? Of course it can.

Brownies are surprisingly dynamic treats. They’re rich and sweet, but they don’t need to be unhealthy. They can be vegan or made to fit any other dietary restriction. And they’re a perfect template for adding a superfood like moringa.

Clever chefs have conjured up all sorts of creative moringa brownie recipes. Why not try ours? This moringa brownie recipe is decadent and delicious. And it’s also completely vegan and full of moringa and protein-packed almonds and walnuts.

Moringa Soups

Organic pure moringa powder
Organic Pure Moringa Powder 7.4 oz

Soups are perfect dishes for experimenting with new ingredients. Soup recipes are usually quite flexible—you can boost the amount of some ingredients, introduce new ingredients, and remove ones you don’t like.

Moringa can be added to a soup as a nutrition booster and flavor enhancer. If you like to tinker with recipes, you’ll have no problem adding moringa to your favorite soups. If you’re more of an exact follower of recipes, try out one of these hearty and delicious moringa soups:

Adding Ethically-Sourced Moringa Powder to Your Diet 

 women practicing sustainable and community-boosting agriculture, harvesting moringa leaves

Providing the world with a delicious superfood is no small task.

When it comes to the broad topic we sum up with the word “health,” we believe that we’re all in this together. A person or a nation can’t truly receive nourishment from a food that arrives via unjust labor or environmental destruction.

Sadly, modern commerce is full of imbalances. Wealthy people in wealthy places have a very privileged shopping experience. They don’t need to consider the path that a product has taken to arrive on the shelf.

Fortunately, many consumers choose to consider the connections between the products they purchase, the communities behind them, and the environment.

At Kuli Kuli Foods, our mission is three-pronged and addresses: sustainable livelihoods and women’s empowerment, nutritional security, and agriculture and environment.

The Kuli Kuli Commitment to Communities and the Planet 
Sustainable Livelihood & Women’s Empowerment Kuli Kuli partners directly with small farms and women’s cooperatives, helping them scale their businesses up and gain access to the US market. We’ve supported over 3,000 women and family farmers
Nutritional Security Rising demand and understanding of moringa incentivizes production communities to invest in this superfood plant that provides both economic security and nutritional nourishment
Agriculture & Environment Moringa is drought resistant and can be grown in sandy soils. That makes it ideal for reforestation efforts. Kuli Kuli examines our environmental impact on every level, works with farmers to develop regenerative agricultural practices, and has planted and preserved over 24 million trees

Visit our online store to make a selection from our collection of moringa powder products and lots of other superfood-boosted foods and drinks.

To learn more about superfoods and the Kuli Kuli mission, visit our blog.

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