What do you do when you first get up? Grab your phone and scroll through twitter? If you are like most Americans, your morning is probably not your most productive part of the day. But that can change! Consider following this morning routine, which is just an hour but a great start to your day! Do NOT use any electronic devices for your first hour!

1) After throwing on some clothes, get in a quick twenty minute workout in. Go for a quick morning walk with your dog, do some sit-ups, or hop on the elliptical downstairs while watching the local news. As fitness research has shown, you do not have to eat before low-intensity workouts. You can even shed more fat this way! (20 minutes)

2) Grab a quick morning shower. Don’t shower too long, as this is completely unnecessary and wastes water. Just get clean and ready for your day! (15 minutes)

3) Learn something.  Read a few pages of your favorite book. Look up a few new words in a dictionary. Practice a few math problems. Just complete some sort of mental exercise. Some good ideas include The Economist Espresso, which is a mobile phone app that provides brief news summaries every day. You could even just search around the web on a current events issue you are interested in. (10 minutes)

4) Time to eat! Grab something healthy to complete this morning routine. Consider oatmeal and a smoothie with moringa powder! Another great idea is an omelet. Try to use mostly egg whites, though, as egg yolk has a lot of calories and cholesterol. Egg whites contain the protein! Consider adding fresh veggies such as mushrooms, bell peppers, and tomatoes to your omelet to add more flavor. (15 minutes)

So next morning, start following this plan, and you will be much more productive with your day!