Drop those pricey tea bags and get brewing! Moringa tea can provide the tastiest alternative tea bag solution.

As a coffee person, drinking tea was always a bit of a task for me. One day however, when I ran out of my addictive drink supplies, I figured I had to resort to tea. I took about half a teaspoon of moringa powder and let it steep in hot water after I covered it appropriately.

Unfortunately I have never been one to enjoy tea or coffee plain. So, I resorted to adding some lemon in it with a little bit of sweetener.

If you have moringa leaves, cook them for a bit and then let them steep in hot water for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

Change the flavor by mixing it up with your add-ins. No matter what you choose, the nutritional value stays!

Some of my favorite hot tea add-ins so far:

-citrus and honey



-cranberry with a splash of pineapple juice



You will not be able to help but want moringa!