Do you ever feel dry, from the inside out? Do you ever look at a puddle of water and wish you could nose dive in, in hopes of soaking this water into every pore of your body? Ok, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but we’ve all been dehydrated before, and I can bet that we have also all experienced that unquenchable thirst that some of us may face during the summer time. What’s even more interesting is that we may often be dehydrated from the inside out, without even knowing it.

The catalyst of this understanding for me came about while living abroad in Australia. My body would feel extremely refreshed from copious time in the sea, but my insides were left like a desert at afternoon’s peak. Then one day amidst ordering a coffee (best way to cure dehydration, psyche) from my favorite café, I saw a water jug that’s bottom was lined in rocks. I asked the lovely lady at the front what this was all about and she told me it was alkaline drinking water.

So began my love.

Let’s break it down. Alkaline solutions by definition have a pH greater than 7 – pH measuring how acidic or basic a substance is from zero to fourteen. Our bodies should be sitting at about 7.4 or upwards, with 7 being neutral grounds. The alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, nickel and magnesium help make your body more alkaline and remove toxic acid wastes from your body. The particles of the alkaline water are reconfigured into a lighter, simpler form that is more easily absorbed by your body and your cells. Woo!

If you could have access to a magic potion that would counteract free radicals, cleanse the organs, rejuvenate and detoxify your skin, lubricate your muscles and joints, upon other amazing benefits, would you take it? This, my friends, is alkaline water. Just as our lives need to be balanced, so do the inner workings of our body. It is the baseline whereabouts everything else can flourish.