Back in 2013, Kuli Kuli introduced moringa, a healthy new superfood more nutritious than kale, to healthy consumers across the US. Moringa has since spread like wildfire, taking the nation by storm. Moringa, the super green that’s more nutritious than kale has since inspired a movement… of healthy addictions.


*To protect the identities of individuals participating in this program

Moringa is a superfood and more people are getting excited about it and they are using it daily. There are a lot of moringa fanatics out there who are claiming that “they feel like the hulk after eating moringa, they feel like they can do anything.”

Not only do some individuals add moringa to their breakfast, lunch, dinner, they also add it to their beer. What!?

As more and more moringa fanatics started to buy up all our moringa products, our CEO, Lisa Curtis, realized that there was an opportunity to bring all of these moringa fanaddicts together. So she started the Moringa Addicts Anonymous program, where moringa fanaddicts can get together, support one another, and talk about their love for moringa.

Watch this video and learn more about this spanking new program and why it’s right for you!

Just kidding! Moringa’s not addictive, but a healthy lifestyle is!

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**The video and blog content were made for fun, despite the potential sensitivity on the subject of addiction, and should not to be taken seriously. Kuli Kuli does not in any way endorse addictions of any kind, and the moringa we use does NOT contain any known addictive properties.**