The day has come.. My last day at Kuli Kuli.. The past five months I got so used to having lunch at Lake Merrit (Kuli Kuli’s HQ has this great location), chit chatting with my coworkers, being part of awesome team activities and being an active Brand Ambassador of Kuli Kuli. But now I have to head back to Europe again…

Yes that’s right, I’m from Europe, the Netherlands specifically and was in the States for the past five months to learn more about my field (Communications) at an American startup. I’ve learned so much in the past five months about the field Communications, but also about other fields. Working at a startup is a great learning environment as it’s so easy to get involved with other departments and start projects with other departments such as creative design, operations or sales. I’ve also learned a lot about the American culture, thanks to my coworkers inviting me to house parties and trivia nights and by celebrating the American holidays. I must say that you guys do have some odd traditions and habits, but I really really like you Americans. I love how open you are and always open to have a chat. I had the most random conversations the past couple of months and learned so much from random Lyft drivers or people in the elevator. I love how you’re always so inviting, thanks to the Americans I’ve been to amazing places, was part of cool events and I was able to dive into the American culture. I love how Americans are interested in every other culture and that you adore every other cuisine than your own.

And oh my gosh, I’ve been impressed by the food that you have here! The biggest advantage of working at a food startup, is, of course, food! Working at food shows as for instance Expo West was fabulous, as I went home with three bags full of organic food items and beauty items. I think it’s remarkable and interesting how many gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and other food like that are on the market. Fortunately, I do not have any food allergies, but I know from my friends how difficult it is to find tasty gluten-free products and that there’s so little on the European market. Here in America, a lot of people are very health conscious and not the stereotype of a fat American sitting on the couch all day watching television. It’s remarkable that so many people are so aware of what they are eating and choose to eat dairy -ree products or gluten-free products. I hope that we will have soon more of these different kinds of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan products on the European market too.

I’m so grateful that I did have the opportunity to be part of the Kuli Kuli team and to develop myself professionally and personally. I truly believe this experience enriched me and that this was a once in a lifetime experience.

Thank you so much Kuli Kuli for bringing me in and making me part of the Kuli Kuli family!

Team activity: paddle boarding. Lisa is wearing her cool Yogzi from Nova Yoga!

Team activity: paddle boarding.