Reforestation in Haiti

Join us during the month of August for our #PlantATree contest to raise awareness and win prizes from Kuli Kuli and Noya that help reforest the world.

deforestation in Haiti

Deforestation in Haiti, compared to the Dominican Republic

We all know that deforestation is bad, but what does it really mean for the planet? In essence, the world’s forests are like the Earth’s circulatory system, moving water into the atmosphere, and taking greenhouse gases out. Forests also keep soil rich with nutrients and provide a home for seventy percent of the world’s wildlife. Without forests to perpetuate this cycle, temperatures could rise and transform vast areas of the world into deserts. Unfortunately, rainforests like the Amazon are slowly being destroyed, mainly because farmers need more space to plant crops or feed their livestock. Logging is also a huge driver of deforestation. Every year, we lose enough forests to fill the entire country of Panama. At this rate, our children’s children might not have any rainforests left. Learn more >>

Taking Action: Noya and Kuli Kuli

Noya YogaNoya Yoga, a yoga apparel company in Dallas, Texas, works with Trees for the Future to plant trees in Sub-Saharan Africa and educate locals about more sustainable farming practices. Noya’s goal is to be an organization that lives and breathes with purpose. In addition to designing comfortable, stylish and innovative apparel, Noya strives to create a community to initiate social change. That’s why they plant a tree with every product purchased. So far, Noya Yoga has planted over 7,000 trees, and Trees for the Future has helped farmers increase their earnings by up to 500 percent.

Kuli Kuli logoKuli Kuli is also reforesting the planet by working with the Smallholders Farmers Alliance to plant moringa trees in Haiti. Moringa trees are the perfect crop for hot climates like Haiti because they don’t need much water to grow quickly. The trees can then shade other crops, keep fertile soil in place, and nourish local communities. The best part is that the trees don’t need to be cut down during harvest: farmers can just harvest the leaves (not the entire plant), leaving the rest of the tree to provide long-term environmental benefits and sustainable living wages for farmers and their families. Every purchase of Kuli Kuli’s Moringa Green Energy shots helps plant more trees in Haiti.

What You Can Do

This month, join us for our special #PlantATree campaign to raise awareness about the harmful effects of deforestation. Like our page and Noya’s page on Facebook, and post a selfie with a tree, using the hashtag #PlantATree. Don’t be afraid to get creative: at the end of the month, we’ll choose three winners who will receive awesome prizes from Kuli Kuli and Noya. All products are helping reforest the planet. Here’s what you could win:

  1. Grand Prize: Our Grand Prize Winner will receive a $100 gift card from Noya and a special Kuli Kuli Moringa Starter Kit, including an assortment of our Moringa Superfood Bars, our #MoringaInspired Cookbook and Pure Moringa Vegetable Powder. They will also receive a moringa seed to plant their very own moringa tree.
  2. Second Prize: Two lucky second place winners will receive a Moringa Cooking Kit, complete with our #MoringaInspired Cookbook and Pure Moringa Vegetable Powder to start making delicious #moringainspired meals. They’ll also receive a moringa seed to plant their very own moringa tree.
  3. Bonus Prize: Everyone who posts a photo and signs up for our newsletter will receive a very special moringa seed to plant their own moringa tree.

Our #PlantATree giveaway ends on August 31, so get outside, find your favorite tree and share your photo with us!


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