The first cool breezes of Autumn may warn of colder temperatures ahead, but we’re not ready to throw on our scarves and sweaters just yet. Instead, we’re clinging resolutely to our tank tops and shorts, and bikinis and flip flops, until the last rays of summer officially dip beyond the horizon. Here’s our Top 7 List for making the most of these last precious days of summer:

7. Soak up some sun on a paddle board

Team activity: paddle boarding. Lisa is wearing her cool Yogzi from Nova Yoga!

Team activity: paddle boarding. Lisa is wearing her cool Yogzi from Noya Yoga!

Could there be a better way to escape the summer heat than floating on the water? We think not. One of our favorite summer water sports is paddle boarding, and in July, the Kuli Kuli team suited up to brave the (gentle) waves. Our founder, Lisa, is a long-time paddle boarder, so she showed us some tips and tricks for keeping balance. Of course, before leaving the shore, novices and veterans alike tucked a Moringa Green Energy Shot into our life jackets, just in case we needed that extra jolt of energy.

(FYI: You might have seen the news that Whole Foods loaned us $100,000 to expand our Green Energy Shots product line, so stay tuned for some fresh new flavors!)

6. Bike. Rest. Bike. Repeat.

mountain biking in the alps

Blog Editor Dave Keirstead on his mountain bike in the Alps.

If your bike has been feeling neglected of late, now is the perfect time to dust it off and take it out for a spin. Many members of our Kuli Kuli team likes to bike to work, fitting in some extra exercise at the beginning and end of the day.

Our Brand Ambassadors also like to stay active. Blog Editor Dave Keirstead sent us this photo from the Alps, where he spent one week mountain biking across this breathtaking terrain.

Aside from being the most physically demanding endeavor I’d ever attempted, this transalp journey was absolutely breathtaking and incredible beyond anything I’ve experienced in my life. On a trip like this you become very familiar with the concept of what goes up must come down… and vice versa!

5. Sip a refreshing cocktail (or two)

Summer evenings are best spent on al fresco with a nice refreshing cocktail in hand. In celebration of the recent Rio Olympics, we came up with our very own Caipirinha Cocktail recipe, complete with rum and – even better – the anti-hangover properties of moringa.

4. Spend lunch outside

yoga lunch

Our yoga lunch break in the gorgeous California sunshine

Ditch your desk for lunch to soak up some extra Vitamin D and reboot your mind. The Kuli Kuli team tries to incorporate physical activities into our work, so every once in a while we grab our yoga mats and lunch bag to strike a Warrior Pose while we eat.

3. Get away with your best buds

Savor the beautiful weather during a weekend getaway with your favorite people. Every quarter, the Kuli Kuli team does just that: we get out of the office to spend two amazing days hiking, cooking, and planning together. Our most recent retreat was in Napa, where we spent two sun-soaked days brainstorming big ideas for this year.

2. Fuel your soul with #MoringaInspired summer recipes

vegan ice cream

Moringa Vegan Ice Cream, by Barbara Lee

Summer eating doesn’t have to be all hot dogs and beer. We’ve come up with some delicious (and nutritious) recipes for summer, including vegan ice cream, raw moringa cheesecake, and these quinoa sliders.

1. Sunbathe on the adventure of a lifetime

moringa green energy shot

Our Moringa Green Energy Shot soaking up the sun on the beach. (Photo Credit: Barbara Lee)

It’s not too late to use up some extra vacation days to experience summer in another city. Our world traveling Brand Ambassador, Barbara Lee, has taken summer travel to a whole new level. Over the past few months, she’s been to Rio, Hawaii, and Las Vegas.

Our advice? Pack light, and don’t forget to bring some moringa to keep you going throughout your journey!

moringa iced tea