Yu intern

Here at Kuli Kuli, we’re always excited to hear from our past interns. We strive to make the Internships and Fellowships we offer as impactful as possible. Recently, we received this account of experiences from Yu Rong, a Summer Intern from 2014. This is her story.

My Summer With Kuli Kuli

by Yu Rong

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned from my one-month summer internship as a graphic designer in 2014 at Kuli Kuli, both from my colleagues and from my work-related responsibilities.

Anne, one of their founders, hired me while I was a student at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Anne branded the Kuli Kuli product. This involved bringing to life the dynamic visual look and style of the company’s online visual content, cultivating a social media presence and marketing strategies, and creating the food’s packaging style and labels.

During my time at Kuli Kuli, I helped Anne with her branding work by focusing on creating flyers and pitch materials. The company used these for various presentations to organizations and investors. As the only design intern, I had the great opportunity to take ownership for my role and collaborate with interns in other departments within the company.

Moreover, Kuli Kuli has a great startup culture. Everyone’s opinions and ideas are valued, leading to a team-oriented and high-morale working environment. Also, the managers are flexible and open to accommodating interns’ often hectic school schedules. Highlights of my time there include giving first demo presentation at Whole Foods, my first time attending a pitch session to investors, and my first time joining a company retreat in America!

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