sustainable fashion

You eat organic, buy green cleaning products, and recycle whatever you can. But what about your clothing?


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The fashion industry is the second worst industry for contributing to pollution and toxic chemicals entering our environment. An estimated 22.5 percent of all insecticide and 10 percent of pesticide usage is for cotton growing, the majority of which is used by the textile industry. Only 2 percent of cotton used today is organic.

Companies around the world are changing and evolving to incorporate the ideals of the slow fashion movement. The idea is to make a minimum impact on the planet, have accountability of all materials and labor, and to source from organic and recycled materials wherever possible. While many companies can lay claim to being sustainable, these are a few leading brands making use of organic materials, stewarding the accountability of their farmers, and manufacturing clothing responsibly.

sustainable fashion

Cowl-neck sweater from Indigenous.


Based In: Colorado Headquarters, Made in India
Great For: Comfy underwear, tights, and other basics

Organic, fair-trade and sweatshop free, this promises to be the comfiest, toxic-free organic cotton you’ve worn. By protecting their farmers, the planet, and you from harmful dyes and chemicals, PACT is committed to bettering the fashion industry global impact.

2. Patagonia

Based In: California Headquarters, Factories in Southeast Asia, US, and Central America
Great For: All sporting gear

From rock climbers to surfers, yogis to cyclists, Patagonia has you covered. The company creates sturdy clothing built to last, but they also offer customers repair services and take back clothing at the end of its life to recycle the materials.  In addition to this, Patagonia ensures transparency throughout the entire production process and advocate for their factory workers abroad.

3. Della

Based In: LA, Crafted in Ghana
Great For: Fashionably printed MacBook cases

Handmade by women in Ghana, Della was founded by talented women to empower talented women. The women in West Africa who design these pieces receive not only jobs, but also education and skills training. The company focuses on building better lives for these women, including group social activities.

4. Indigenous

Based In: California Headquarters, Made in Peru
Great For: Pure Collection (only natural hues of cotton, alpaca, and wool)

Touting a collection that is as diverse as it is eco-friendly, Indigenous supports the communities and people of Peru. Jackets, skirts, and everything in between is made using the most natural means possible. The pieces use the natural colors from wool and cotton so that they don’t have to use dyes. They also help artisans preserve their way of life and live humanely.

5. EnCircled

Based In: Canada
Great For: Versatile travel pieces

Can’t decide on what to wear for your next vacation? The Chrysalis Cardi will ease your woes. It goes from a dress, cardigan, top, to scarf in literally seconds. You’ll make a statement and an impact – lighter bags mean less fuel to get you there. Mother Earth (and your back) thanks you.

If you want to look up more companies, try the Ethical Fashion Forum or The Sustainable Apparel Coalition for more options of companies doing good by you and the planet.