Sweater weather is here. From apple cider to Halloween movies, fall is a time get cozy and comfortable while spending quality time with your family. Fall is also a time to diversify your exercises by taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Living a healthy lifestyle does not have a season- it’s all year long! The good news is that fall weather exercise activities can be shared by the whole family. Keep it fun and sustainable.

Take a Walk in the Woods

Leaves are changing colors and the trees are becoming picturesque. What better way to look at the trees than to find paths in your local forest preserve to walk along. Don’t be intimated by hiking. Walk at a pace and on a trail that you are comfortable with. This is the perfect way to get your body moving with the whole family. You can even do some bird watching when you need to take a break.

Go Bike Riding

In the summer, some days are just too hot for a stroll on your bike. Fall weather is perfect bike riding weather. There are few bugs out and more moisture in the air that can help you from getting too tired too quickly. Grab your pull over, get your bike and spend the day outdoors.

A day of Fall Fun!

There are plenty of Fall ways to keep your body moving outside of traditional exercises. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your exercise is, as long as it keeping you active and healthy. In fact, there are many activities you can plan your whole day around.  For example:

  • Take your family out apple picking
  • Go to a pumpkin patch, where you can do a maze, ride a haystack or just stroll along
  • Supervise your children while they trick-or-treat
  • And more!!