Meet Mirelle

I’m a DoTERRA essential oil educator. One of my most favorite things about doing this work is not just teaching people about the power of essential oils, but that the way the oils are sourced matters. I’m drawn to companies doing good on a global scale. DoTERRA sources from regions where plants are indigenously grown and they give back in huge ways to the farmers, oil distillers, and communities they partner with. 

Similarly, I love that Kuli Kuli sources their moringa from where it naturally grows in Haiti and gives back by planting drought-tolerant moringa trees and providing fair and sustainable wages to female farmers. Rock on!


Mirelle’s Moringa Routine

The Essentials (Oil That Is)

My morning routine is a mix of consistent use of essential oils, my Lifelong Vitality whole-food supplements, a cup of coffee, and Kuli Kuli Moringa!  I support my immune system with a drop each of DoTERRA OnGuard and Frankincense essential oil.  OnGuard is a blend of the antioxidant-rich essential oils & Frankincense supports brain and nervous system function, memory, and healthy skin.


Hello, I’m Awake Now!

I really love coffee, but mostly I love it because I love the routine of drinking a warm cup of caffeine in the morning, but there are healthier ways to get the same buzz. I’ve been substituting at least one cup of coffee a day with Kuli Kuli Moringa and I’m really happy with the way I’m feeling. I get the same boost without the crash later on, and Kuli Kuli Moringa tastes super yummy! It actually works and it surprises me every time. I’m like okay, hello, I’m awake now!


Great for City Life

I love the little flavored shots Kuli Kuli makes—they’re great for city life because I can grab one on the way out the door. Ginger Lemon is my favorite flavor. I also enjoy adding a package of Kuli Kuli Moringa Vegetable Powder to my smoothies.


You can follow Mirelle at @thehoneybreak on Instagram! What’s your #MyMoringaRoutine?