Meet Leanne

I’m a mom of two, a registered nutritionist in Australia and CEO of Cadence Institute of Nutrition & Health Coaching. I began Cadence Health in 2004 and we are now an internationally approved college offering nutrition, health coaching and wellness qualifications and training. As a follower of Taoism, I’m blessed to trust in life’s inherent richness and good fortune and to have a healthy, happy family and life.




Food is us, what we are essentially springs from what we put into our bodies. It’s a basic fact of life. Expecting to be able to build your body from materials that lack strength, that doesn’t measure up to life demands, that leave our inner world wanting, tired, undernourished just makes no sense at all. Think about it, your inner world, your inside body is completely formed from the foods you, YOU, opt to give it. 



Nothing Technical, Just Real

You are what you chose, so make your choice a good one. That’s my theory on nutrition, you can muse over the compounds in a food, or the ratio of this and that, your head will readily absorb that, but what not look at your food, let it sing to your eyes, zing your imagination, feed your soul and nourish your body. Just eat clean, colorful, tasty food with people you love and can laugh with. Sorry, nothing technical, just real. 



Grab Some Moringa

So grab some moringa and add it to salads, blend it into your smoothies and brekky bowls, add some leaves to your stews and curries, or enjoy moringa in a soup or a cold tea, because you’ve everything to gain and nothing to lose. Read why you should eat more moringa on our blog!