Flight Attendant & Holistic Wellness Coach, Wendra

I’m a board-certified holistic health coach from IIN.  I’ve also been a flight attendant for over 25 years, so my focus is on healthy travel. Spending as much time as I have on planes has allowed me to learn what works for travel and what doesn’t. I know firsthand the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and immune system when sleep, nutrition, and circadian rhythms are compromised on a monthly or even weekly basis.


I’m here to help you incorporate wellness on the road whether you’re a crew member, frequent flier or just travel occasionally for fun! On my website wendraswellness.com I blog about all things health, wellness, and travel.  There can be many problems, challenges, and difficulties when traveling and I provide some easy, healthy solutions.


I need products that travel well and fit into my busy schedule.  I like to add 1/4 tsp of moringa into my coffee and add 2 Tbsp to my smoothie for lunch or use the Moringa Greens & Protein Superfood Smoothie Mix. (I freeze my smoothies to bring through security) The Moringa Superfood Bars are perfect for travel and the Moringa Green Energy drinks are small enough to fit into my 1-quart bag.



Flying exposes us to solar radiation and free radicals so I am always looking for ways to add antioxidants and greens to my diet.  Kuli Kuli’s Moringa is organic, raw, a complete source of plant protein and is more nutrient dense than kale.  I love that a single serving (2 Tbsp) is equivalent to 2 servings of greens. Kuli Kuli’s travel packets are powdered and portable making it easy to increase my vegetable intake when I’m on the go.



Summer’s Coming, Get More Travel Tips!

Prepare for any trips you may have coming up, or get more healthy tips for regular business travel. Head to my website, wendraswellness.com for more!