Kuli Kuli, a mission-driven company pioneering the superfood moringa, announced today that it is launching into 2,500 Walmart stores. Moringa is a tropical super green more nutritious than kale. Market data shows that moringa is now growing faster than matcha. Kuli Kuli sustainably sources moringa leaves from 2,438 small farmers, primarily on the African continent. Through this launch, African farmers will be able to grow their businesses, planting more moringa trees and nourishing their communities.

Kuli Kuli has taken its efforts one step further to fight hunger both in Africa and at home here in America. For every Kuli Kuli moringa product sold in Walmart from Sept 19-Nov 19th, Kuli Kuli will donate a moringa product to a Feeding America food bank.

Similar to turmeric, moringa leaves have been eaten for centuries and are well-known in ayurvedic medicine for their holistic wellness properties. Consumer awareness of moringa’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties has grown exponentially since Kuli Kuli launched onto the market five years ago. A Rutgers University study has found that moringa may contain more potent anti-inflammatory properties than turmeric.

Kuli Kuli is the first brand to pioneer moringa in the US, selling it as green powder, smoothie mixes, bars and green tea wellness shots in 7,000 stores nationwide. Over the past five years, Kuli Kuli has grown from an idea dreamed up in the Peace Corps by CEO Lisa Curtis, into a thriving social enterprise that supports thousands of moringa farmers around the world.

Moringa is now the fastest growing green supplement in the category, outselling matcha and catching up to spirulina and wheatgrass. Nielsen data shows that moringa has achieved a 3% penetration in US households with Kuli Kuli dominating more than half of the US retail moringa market. According to Datassential, moringa has grown 300% in the past four years.

Kuli Kuli was recently listed on Inc’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies as the #15 of Top Food & Beverage Companies and in the top 10% of overall companies ranked. The company recently closed a $6.34M Series B, led by Griffith Foods and Kellogg’s eighteen94 capital to further their growth into retail and to begin expansion into the ingredient channel. Similar to the rise of matcha and turmeric, Kuli Kuli believes that moringa will soon be found in many products from beverages to sauces.