Last Minute Sustainable Gift Ideas

5 Gifts to Give Green with Ease

Make the holidays even greener this year and consider giving sustainable gifts to your family, friends and loved ones! In honor of the holidays right around the corner, we are offering some quick ideas for last-minute eco-friendly and green gifts that can help with your sustainability efforts.

Fact: Sustainability is defined as the process of maintaining change in a balanced fashion to ultimately enhance the current and future potential to meet human needs.


#1: Zero-Waste Essentials

Zero-waste, plastic-free tableware flatlay overhead with bamboo and natural fibers to replace single use plastic products.

Whether your giftee is heading off to college or already a member of the workforce, a zero-waste bundle ensures they’ll be starting

 the new year off prepped for success in an eco-friendly way! Put together a stash of reusable grocery bags and fill them up with some green goodies including:

  • Bamboo kitchen utensil set (Bamboo is 100% biodegradable)
  • Coffee/tea carrier for to-go beverages
  • Energy-saving coffee pot
  • Reusable coffee/tea mugs
  • Reusable glass water bottle
  • Recycled made linens

#2: Kuli Kuli Holiday Gift Bundles

Moringa is at the forefront of gifts for social good, as mentioned by Fair Trade Certified in their yearly Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide  , as well as greener gifts straight from mother nature herself, as mentioned by The United Nations Environment Programme in their article, Three Ways to Give Green.

If you’re looking for gifts for your favorite foodie that do good and feel good to give, check out these special holiday bundles from

Kuli Kuli:

Kuli Kuli Stocking Stuffer Special: The perfect gift for the individual who lovestheir energizing greens on the go!

  1. Sustainable Moringa Holiday Kit: Kuli Kuli’s partnered with their Ghanaian Supplier, True Moringa, to provide you with a green gift bundle including True Moringa’s facial and body oil to rejuvenate your skin and Kuli Kuli’s Pure Moringa to revitalize your body.

Use promo code HEALTHYHOLIDAYS to receive an additional 10% off at checkout!  

#3: Sustainable Luggage Set 

Luggage is a gift that is both practical and perfect, especially if you’re gifting a world traveler or work traveler. When shopping for luggage, look for eco-friendly luggage brands that are made from sustainable materials like hemp, leather, and recycled plastic. Go big and get the entire family involved! If everyone pitches in, you can purchase a full set of luggage for all of your receiver’s upcoming travels.

#4: The Gift of the Great Outdoors

Shots in the great outdoorsIf your loved ones have a green thumb, give them the gift of gardening with packets of organic seeds and gardening books. By planting their own garden, your gift receiver can potentially save on grocery bills and may even find a new hobby in the process!

If growing fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t feasible, give gift certificates to their favorite natural grocery stores so they can support local farmers and growers.

You can even give the gift of the great outdoors with a year-long national parks pass. America the Beautiful gives your loved ones free access to every United States Park and federal recreation area in the country for one entire year. (How cool is that?!)


#5: DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Make cleaning a breeze for your family, friends, and neighbors by giving them all the gift of natural cleaning products. Many commercial cleaning products and laundry detergents are laden with toxic chemicals that can lead to a host of health issues, so ditch the synthetic cleaners and make your own homemade versions instead. 

Grab a reusable basket (bonus if it’s made from recycled materials) and fill it with a bottle or two of organic cleaning sprays, homemade laundry detergent and reusable/washable cleaning cloths. Add a personal touch by including the recipes for each cleaning item within your gift so your gift receiver can make their own in the future!

Moringa Smoothie Packets For Christmas

This year, give the gift of sustainability with ease using these eco-friendly and green gifts that family, friends, neighbors and planet Earth will love!

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