Best 2020 New Year’s Resolutions and Tips to Stick with Them

Happy New Year! The New Year is here and we can’t help but feel inspired by the start of a brand new beginning. We are all about setting goals in order to create a better lifestyle, but for many of us, New Year’s resolutions just don’t stick. Here’s why New Year’s resolutions can be tough to follow and how to make the journey easier. 

Why New Year’s Resolutions Might Fail

90% of all New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick through 365 days. Too often, New Year’s Resolutions are unattainable, pie-in-the-sky goals that set you up for failure. The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that they’re based on changing habits. Instead of taking the steps to change old habits and create new ones, many people make their New Year’s resolutions too broad.

Here’s a popular example many of us have heard.  “This year, I am going to work out more,” or “This year, I am going to eat healthier.” Sound familiar? (Us too). Although these are both wonderful New Year’s resolutions, the problem is these are not specific enough. Instead of creating general statements, break your resolutions down into small, actionable steps that you can work towards every day.

Here are four of the most commonly made New Year’s resolutions with actionable steps on how you can achieve then in the New Year ahead:

New Year’s Resolution #1: Eat Cleaner

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Instead of making a New Year’s resolution to eat better, make a list of small, actionable steps that will all add up to help you create a more wholesome daily diet throughout the entire year. For example:

  • I will eat 1-3 plant-based meals each week
  • I will make a more mindful homemade lunch and bring it to work 4 days a week and will only purchase my lunch once a week 
  • I will substitute my afternoon sweet treat for a better, more energizing option like Moringa Green Energy Shots

These examples are all action-oriented. You know exactly what you need to do to accomplish them. On their own, they may seem simple, but stick to them over time and they’ll help you reach a sustainable system to eat better.

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New Year’s Resolution #2: Exercise More

Whether we’re commuting to work or stuck in the office, many of us sit for the majority of our day. This year, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more, make a plan and find more minfdul movement throughout the day. Here’s some ideas:

  • Go to one new class at a local studio at least once a month. Bring a friend and fit in some quality time!
  • Go for a walk every afternoon during your lunch break or explore your neighborhood after dinner with a short evening stroll. Bonus points for bringing man’s best friend for some fresh air.
  • Workout one extra day per week and don’t forget to refuel with a delicious source of energy.


Tip: It’s best to create actionable steps that are quantifiable so you can assign an exact number to them, so whether it’s two days at the gym or five days, quantify whenever possible.

New Year’s Resolution #3: Reduce Caffeine Consumption

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Many of us would like to cut down on our caffeine, but it can be a challenge when we cannot even make it through the morning without one (okay two) cups of coffee or tea. This year, consider swapping your daily dose of liquid fuel for moringa greens. Not only will moringa provide a solid source of morning energy, but it will deliver sustained energy throughout your entire day.

New Year’s Resolution #4: Prioritize Sleep

Most of us would really like to get more sleep each night, so this year instead of making a New Year’s resolution to get more rest, be realistic and take steps to clock quality sleep each night. Here are some ways you can get more sleep every night:


  • Curl up with a cup of hot tea and a good book or write in your journal before you drift off to dreamland or just take a few deep breaths to calm your nervous system before heading to bed.
  • Power down all technology one hour before bed. That includes cell phones, computers, and televisions.
  • Take a warm Epsom salt bath or soothing shower to wash away the day.
  • Try some light stretching or a gentle yoga practice before climbing into bed.

You don’t have to try all of these, but if you want to avoid showing up to the office each morning like a walking zombie, take small, actionable steps so you can arrive ready to attack the day ahead.

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

Instead of creating big New Year’s resolution this year, try a new approach by creating small, actionable steps that will help you accomplish your larger goals for the entire year ahead. Happy New Year everyone!

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