Meet Teddy

Meet Teddy Ruge, one of our climate-smart and impact-driven moringa suppliers. Teddy is a moringa entrepreneur who is re-imagining the role of sustainable moringa farming in Uganda. He is also a professional photographer, technological innovator, and former decathlete who still holds three national records! Teddy is a key leader in climate-smart agriculture and ethical supply chains. He envisions a world where sustainable moringa farming is a key component of long-term and positive socio-environmental change.

To support Teddy’s biodiverse farm, Kuli Kuli is leading a Plant a Tree campaign. For the month of April, for each Kuli Kuli moringa product sold, we will plant a tree on Teddy’s farm in Uganda!

What Is Climate-Smart Agriculture?

Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is a way to manage land and crops, with long-term and sustainable solutions in mind. CSA is one way to mitigate climate change, especially for rural communities already experiencing the effects. CSA can also help address malnutrition and offer innovative systems with positive impacts on local communities.

For Teddy’s farm, there are three main ways moringa as climate-smart agriculture plays a role. 

Moringa trees on Teddy’s farm in Uganda

1. Moringa is a climate-smart crop that does not need a lot of rain or irrigation.

With increased likelihood of droughts and erratic rains, it’s more vital now than ever to make sure that crops can cope with climate change. Moringa also absorbs carbon dioxide up to 20x more than general vegetation!

2. The diversification of crops is a key component of Teddy’s climate-smart farm.

Rather than a monocrop-model with limited biodiversity, Teddy’s farm will integrate avocado trees, fruit trees, and shade-grown coffee. With erratic rains and flooding, planting trees on each farm can help control saturation and help the fields drain. 

3. Reforestation via moringa trees, and other integrated crops, helps address the damage from years of clear-cutting for sugarcane farms. 

Clearcutting can destroy the ecological integrity of an area, as well as limit options for growing food that benefits the local community. Teddy’s efforts are part of a larger and holistic reforestation effort. 


Teddy’s Sustainability-Driven Vision of Moringa 

When he began his journey in sustainable farming, Teddy knew he wanted a climate-smart farming model. He also wanted to prioritize higher farmer incomes, environmental protection, and community-supported models of change. Historically, conventional and large-scale agriculture puts profits before people; however, small-scale and climate-smart agriculture address a more long-term vision of sustainability.  

Teddy dreams big and sees the world for its interconnection. For him, biodiversity, local and global food security, and climate-smart agriculture are not separate and unrelated issues.

Workers hand-separating moringa leaves for moringa powder

Rather, he views them as integrated and vital for the long-term sustainability of any farm. 

I’d love for my farm to lead the charge in turning Uganda into the go-to destination for high-quality moringa. If we could achieve this, the impact on communities would be enormous. We just have to believe we can achieve it. -Teddy 


Kuli Kuli’s Earth Month Campaign 

Since 2015, Teddy’s farms have supplied Kuli Kuli with Organic Pure Moringa. Our partnership with Teddy supports food security and sustainable farming practices, while also developing innovative and solution-driven efforts to mitigate the realities of climate change.  

We want to celebrate Teddy and support his vision of a sustainable, climate-smart future. For the entire month of April, we are planting one tree on his farm for every moringa product sold. We hope to inspire other businesses and serve as a leader in the field for positive social and environmental change.   


Teddy and Leaders Like Teddy

People like Teddy inspire us and affirm the positive impact that moringa can have on sustainability initiatives. Kuli Kuli partners with entrepreneurs like Teddy as a way to uplift entire communities.

For more, please watch our short video about Teddy below. Feel free to share with anyone who also inspires you!

Since our founding, Kuli Kuli has enabled the planting of over 12.4 million moringa trees between 11 countries. These trees are actively reducing atmospheric carbon concentrations while providing employment and nutrition for people around the world.

For more stories of moringa innovators, check out our article highlighting Pamela SorotiKuli Kuli is grateful to foster connections with change-makers around the world. We have also invested over $20,000 in supporting nonprofits in the communities where we work. 

Teddy Ruge

Teddy Ruge, Climate-smart Innovator

Thank you to our supporters, customers, suppliers, and our entrepreneurs like Teddy, as we unite our sustainability efforts across the world.

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