grow a moringa tree

This past week we shipped out about 9,000 Kuli Kuli Moringa Superfood Bars and roughly 1,000 moringa seeds to our first thousand customers. It was a very exciting week but in all the hustle we neglected to include instructions for how to grow those moringa seeds! So for all of you who would like to grow a moringa tree like the ones below here is how to do it:grow a moringa tree

Getting Started

First take your seeds out of the Kuli Kuli packet and place them in a small bowl with water and let them soak overnight. Be careful not to toss out this water. Then put the seeds in a brown paper bag or jar for 4-8 days and let them sit in the dark. At this point you should have sprouted seeds with stems and roots. Carefully untangle the roots, taking care not to part them from the seed.  Then plant them into nice, organic potting soil and use the water they soaked in to water them.  If your soil is heavy, add some sand into it so that their roots do not stay wet. You’ll want to plant them about an inch deep and loosely tamp down the soil on the sides. Be careful not to compact the soil.

grow a moringa tree

Sunshine and Water

Moringa oleifera is known as the “natural nutrition for tropics” for a reason. These trees like a lot of warmth and sunshine. For those of you living in colder climates, often the best idea is to plant the moringa tree indoors and then move it outside when the weather is about 70 degrees. We’ve even heard of some people putting Christmas lights around their moringa trees to keep them warm!

At the beginning, moringa trees require a lot of water. Water them everyday until the seedling emerges, at which point you can begin watering them every other day. Once they’re about 18 inches tall, you can switch to watering them once a week.

Keep in mind that these trees will grow up to 20 feet tall if given the proper amounts of warmth and sunlight. We haven’t seen any trees in the U.S. get that big but we’d love for you to prove us wrong!