Ever feel groggy in the morning? Start your day the right away with this workout and simple meal!  With High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) you’ll be feeling fresh and fit in no time!


We all want to get in shape. Research shows that High Intensity Interval Training is often times the most efficient and effective way to shred fat. HIIT workouts blast your metabolism, helping your body accelerate fat loss. Although intense, these workouts are easy to follow. HIIT training involves bursts of high intensity activity (e.g. sprinting, box jumping) followed by intervals of low intensity activity (e.g. walking, jumping jacks). Simply complete as many intervals as you can, and then you are done! HIIT workouts are great because they are short (often just fifteen minutes long!), yet these workouts generate amazing results by accelerating fat loss. Below are a few example workouts. Of course, if the workouts are too difficult, try lowering the amount of time spent in the high intensity activity and increase the amount of time spent in the low intensity activity (e.g. walk for a minute instead of 30 seconds). You can also cut down the total amount of time of the workout. On the other hand, if the workout is too easy, increase the amount of cycles completed or decrease the time of low intensity activity.

1) Sprint (30 seconds) and walk (30 seconds). Complete 15 cycles.

2) Jump rope (60 seconds) and walk (30 seconds). Complete 15 cycles.

3) Walk (0.10 Miles) and sprint (0.15 Miles).  Repeat in cycles until you have covered a distance of 1.5 miles and try increasing the sprint speed as the workout progresses.  This variation is ideal on a treadmill, and the faster you go, the faster it’s over!


After a HIIT workout, you will need to replenish your body with carbohydrates and proteins. Below are two quick example meals. Again, feel free to alter these meals to your liking, and make sure to add Moringa powder!

1) Smoothie with whey protein and Moringa powder + a piece of fruit

2) Glass of 2% milk + an egg white scramble with peppers, mushrooms, and lean turkey sausage or tofu