An Athlete's Take on Moringa

An Athlete’s Nutritional Demands

Sustainable energy. Light weight. Easy to digest. Won’t give me cramps. Natural. Packed with superfoods. Must taste great!

These are a few of the non-negotiable, must haves for an athlete’s nutritional fuel. Sheesh. Athletes can be so demanding! But for good reason. As a college athlete (in a previous life), ninja warrior in training, triathlete, and mountaineer, I appreciate and attest to the merits of these demands! Athletes do not want to “bonk” when it counts the most! It is a shame when insufficient nutrition causes me to cramp up during the last mile of a grueling triathlon, become mentally foggy during the final ascent up a snowy 14’er in the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains, or develop sluggish muscles during a day of hitting the slopes on my snowboard.  

Moringa Has Athletes Covered

In order to avoid the aforementioned tragedies, I have incorporated Kuli Kuli’s moringa superfood in my daily fuel routine. Known as the miracle tree, this green superfood packs a powerful nutritional and, perhaps more importantly, tasty punch! With a similar taste profile to delicious matcha, moringa contains 9x more protein than plain yogurt, 17x more calcium than milk, and 25x more iron than spinach! This complete plant protein also contains all 9 essential amino acids. Moreover, because it is vegan, soy free, non-gmo, gluten free, and dairy free, it fits with the various health diets athletes experiment with. I can truly feel all of that green goodness working in me!

So far, it has sustained me on my long adventures cycling, trekking, and snowboarding in and through the mountains! I am looking forward to testing it out on my triathlon races coming up. The convenience also draws me to Kuli Kuli’s moringa. I can easily add moringa into my morning training smoothies, pack a few bars in my day pack, and grab their green energy shot for a healthy boost! I can rhapsodize about the multitude of benefits it all day!

An Athlete's Take on Moringa

Moringa and Nourishment For All

Sigh. Honestly, sometimes I feel my adventurous exploits are self-serving; I wake up and plan out the perfect athletic endeavor that will make me stronger, challenge me the most, and allow me to beat out the competition. However, by choosing Kuli Kuli and their moringa products, I can push my body while improving the lives of people and the health of our planet.

Kuli Kuli has made it their holistic mission to give back; it is in the fabric of their business model! For example, their Moringa Partners Program funds moringa projects across the globe, and by investing 10% of their sales to their partners, to date, they have planted over 200,000 moringa trees and supported over 800 women farmers to earn a sustainable livelihood growing moringa! This is just another reason I have chosen to be a moringa athlete. Kuli Kuli fuels me to be a stronger me, while giving back socially and environmentally, so we can become a stronger we. As their powerful tagline goes, they are “Nourishing you and nourishing the world”.