Trail Running with Moringa Energy Shots

Putting Moringa Energy Shots to the Test

There are over 74 solid studies on the use of caffeine for both endurance exercise and short, high intensity exercise. Most of them conclude that there is traceable benefit to this stimulant.

While training with Samantha Villa, runner, mountain biker, and strength conditioning guru from Dallas, TX, we discussed the debate over the role caffeine can play in boosting athletic performance. Samantha noted, “In the past, I habitually consumed caffeine to improve my mental and physical performance. Now I prefer to abstain from caffeine, unless I’m embarking on an extensive or challenging athletic endeavor that requires enhanced alertness, focus, or endurance. When you need that occasional boost, it really delivers.”

After our conversation, I knew she would be a perfect candidate to test out Moringa Green Energy and see if it will make the cut and be introduced into her training regime. She specifically tested the Raspberry Moringa Green Energy shot, which is lauded for the effective benefits of its pure ingredients. This crazy nutritious cocktail contains 1/2 cup of revitalizing leafy greens, caffeine equal to 1 cup of coffee, vitamins A, C, E, iron, and all 9 essential amino acids! All of this will provide you with six hours of jitter-free energy.

Kuli Kuli Green Energy Shots

Setting the Stage

The chosen testing stage was Green Mountain in Colorado.  This is an area is known for its unique placement between the bustling city of Denver and the entrance to the wondrous Rocky Mountains. Sitting at 6,023 feet, Green Mountain provides a challenging system of multi-use trails for all abilities. With the beautiful stage set and product in hand, the testing could begin!

In order to test out the merits of the energy shot, we went on a lengthy trail run. John Muir once said that “of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”. Well, perhaps to his delight, there was dirt, lots of it, and a 1,000-foot elevation gain filled with boulders, spiky cactus, and other exciting trail obstacles.

Trail Running with Moringa Energy Shots

Athlete Approved

After our test run, elated, Samantha noted the versatility of Moringa Green Energy shots due to its diverse market reach. It caters to those seeking low sugar, vegan, gluten free, and Non-GMO diets. She also added she favors to purchase products from brands that have the value added component of a social mission. The fact that Kuli Kuli sources their Moringa from women entrepreneurs is a very attractive component for, especially, female athletes. Because she has traveled to rural agricultural villages in Africa, she understands the economic benefit of such social enterprises. It looks like we we have the support of this athlete!

In conclusion, to successfully test whether a new product, such as an energy shot, should be added into your performance nutrition repertoire, follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Understand the product to ensure that it contains the right ingredients for your needs.
  2. Take it into your element to where you will be racing, adventuring, or training.
  3. Test it to be aware of how it makes you feel and to gauge how it performs.

Do you have any racing stories or anecdotes about your experience with Moringa Energy Shots? We would also love to hear from all you athletes out there about what energy shots, gels, blocks you like to use. Tell us why!

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