We are a little crazy for moringa over here at Kuli Kuli. Some of us are obsessed with the nutritional content, others with the environmental change that it drives, and some with the way that it breathes life into underserved communities all over the world. One more reason to add to the list is the way the moringa helps women worldwide.

Moringa Combats Malnutrition

This miracle tree is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. It has beat out kale, spinach, and even spirulina. Moringa is packed with A, C, E, and some B vitamins. It is high in calcium, which supports bone health and prevents heart disease. Moringa is also a great source of potassium, which reduces anxiety and stress. In fact, moringa is a mood stabilizer thanks to the way that it boosts the production of the neurotransmitter Serotonin in the brain.

Besides the fact that moringa can help us keep our cool, it really just gives us the nutrients that can sometimes be hard to come by. Women, in particular, have a pretty high demand for nutrients. Our reproductive organs are pretty taxing on our bodies, so superior nutrition is especially important if we want to maintain excellent health.

Not only that, but a single moringa tree takes less than a year to start producing leaves. This means that a seedling can mature quickly enough to feed an entire family within a year. Unlike other superfood greens, the moringa tree continues to produce long after the first harvest. So when moringa is combatting malnutrition, it’s doing so for a very long time.

Moringa Provides Self-Sustaining Income

The moringa tree is incredibly easy to grow because it is a durable tree that can withstand virtually any climate. It can survive a drought and it loves rainfall. It grows quickly and replenishes itself easily. As you can imagine, this makes an excellent crop for farmers. The low-maintenance and high returns of the moringa tree mean that it is a great source of income for anyone that grows it.

As a result, many organizations, such as Kuli Kuli, have opted to use the moringa tree in order to boost local economies in underprivileged areas. By bringing moringa into a community, big or small, we are ensuring that this community has a way to support itself both economically and nutritionally for years to come.

Moringa Empowers Women

This superfood not only feeds women, but it also empowers women. Unsurprisingly, women-led farms are the most productive and self-sustaining farms on the planet. When an organization works with women in third world countries in order to produce a good, any good, the output and quality of the product supersedes those of any projects led by men (sorry guys!).

How can this be?

All over the world women are responsible for feeding their children and holding their communities together. When resources are limited, they naturally become incredible fighters who seek out an opportunity to provide for their families. So when an opportunity to work and provide becomes available, you better believe that these women will fiercely defend their rights to do so.

We are aware of the data that supports this and we are committed to giving women the opportunity to shine. Kuli Kuli supports women-led cooperatives all over the world by creating an ongoing partnership, through moringa.

When you purchase one our moringa products, you kickstarting your own health. You are also kickstarting an entire community of women. It’s really the easiest way in the world to effect change. Won’t you join us?