moringa and yoga benefits

All too often, studies come out claiming that stress is the cause of 75-90% of illnesses. While the percentage fluctuates, it nonetheless remains daunting. Additionally, it’s increasingly clear that stress has a bigger impact on our health than we may believe.

There are multiple types of stress that we can experience on the day-to-day: pressure point stress and chronic stress. Pressure point stress is classified as the short-lived, isolated stress that you might experience in the form of an elevated heartbeat during a scary movie. Chronic stress is exactly what it sounds like: a prolonged biological response to an uncomfortable emotional reaction.

Unfortunately, an estimated 77% of Americans regularly experience symptoms related to stress. Stress-related symptoms can include everything under the sun but are most commonly connected to:

  1. Heightened blood pressure and heart rate
  2. Weight gain
  3. Indigestion and acid reflux
  4. Weakened immunity

The good news, however, is that there are many easy steps you can take to reduce the impact of stress on your daily life. It’s no secret that regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce stress, but there are more specific foods and types of exercise that may reduce stress even more.

moringa and yoga benefits

Yoga: Lower Stress with Low Impact

With its focus on breath and slow movement, yoga is one of the best ways to take a time-out from stress. When we experience stress, our bodies often resort to quick, shallow breathing. Stress is primarily a fight-or-flight response. That being so, one of the best things to do when our bodies are feeling a little stressed out is to slow the breath and enter “relaxation mode.” Combining slow, focused breath with endorphin-producing, deliberate movement makes yoga the ultimate stress-buster. Yoga is also a no-frill activity and, with enough creativity, can be practiced anywhere– even in the office! Next time you feel your stress response kick into gear, find some floor space and get your “Om” on!

moringa and yoga benefits

Moringa: Heal Stress from the Inside Out

Moringa is not only a great addition to your post-yoga snack, but can also work to beat stress. Stress can take a huge toll on the health of the digestive system. The stress response can lead to health issues such as elevated cortisol levels, decreased digestive enzymes, and lowered immunity. These problems can cause inflammation, digestive conditions, and even acne. To protect against the impact of stress on the body, it is super important to nourish your digestive system with probiotics and other gut health supporting foods like Moringa. Moringa’s high vitamin and fiber content allows it to act as a prebiotic while also restoring nutrients into the microbiome. Moringa is also known to fight inflammation, a common yet serious byproduct of the stress response which can be especially devastating to the digestive system. Try adding Moringa and other leafy greens to your diet to combat everyday stress.

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