moringa benefits

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you’ve probably seen moringa called one of many things. The miracle tree? The love tree? Moringa has acquired so many names by being a truly global plant. Let’s find out where you can find moringa around the world.

The Beginning: India

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the first moringa tree was discovered. However, one thing is definite: Moringa has made its way all over the globe.

Scholars claim that moringa is indigenous to the Northwest Region of India, where it can be found growing in the sub Himalayan tract. Ayurveda medicine, which originates in India, uses Moringa oleifera to prevent over 300 diseases.

In Nigeria, the Hausa culture believes the moringa is a sacred plant with powers to protect both the living and the dead.

Haiti for resilience

Moringa Tree Orchard in Haiti. Photo Courtesy of Smallholder Farmers Alliance

Why is Moringa so Widespread Around the World?

Moringa can grow in the humid tropics and on hot, arid land. When faced with extremely dry conditions or drought, moringa is not affected. No wonder the moringa tree has made its way around the world! It is a source of dense and sustainable nutrition in parts of the world where food cultivation is insecure.

Every part of the moringa tree is valuable. Many cultures will use every part of the tree for food and nutritional value. Moringa is also used as medicine across cultures, showing the value put on its nutritional and healing capabilities.

Where Can Moringa be Found Now?

Today, moringa can be found all over the world. It is most widely distributed in India, Egypt, the Philippines, Ceylon, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Pakistan, Singapore, West Indies, Cuba, and Jamaica.

If you ever come across a moringa tree in other parts of the world, here are some aliases it goes by: drumstick tree, horse radish tree, “Shagara al Rauwaq” (tree for purifying), and mother’s best friend.