This fall season, practice self gratitude by finding reasons to be grateful for yourself. Fall is always the perfect time to reflect on the year and to remember everything you are grateful for. In fact, Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Self Gratitude: What does it mean?

While it seems pretty self-explanatory, self gratitude is a concept that not everyone is familiar with. This is because we are so inundated with life, we forget to stop and think about ourselves. Often times, we are giving and receiving from others that we forget we give and receive from our own mind, body and soul. Self gratitude means being thankful and grateful for yourself and what you offer to the world. Self gratitude means reminding yourself how meaningful and important you are in lives of the people around you.

How to Practice Self Gratitude?

  1. Find a journaling style that fits

One of the best ways to be in touch with your thoughts is to write them down. By journaling, you are inherently reflecting and producing reactions to your feelings and experiences. Whether you are bullet journaling or sticking to the class diary styled journal, be intentional about practicing self gratitude. Add a section at the end of your entry that says something like « I am grateful for myself today because ____ » Find what phrase fits best for the day you are having!

  1. Find a Sustainable Routine

Along with journaling, it is a good idea to find another intentional activity where you can practice self gratitude. Of course this can be meditation, but do not limit yourself to traditional methods. Another idea is to take a sticky note and write one thing you are proud of for yourself for the day. Post that sticky note on your walk or on your mirror so that you can be reminded of your greatness. You can also spend 2 minutes looking into the mirror telling your reflection why you are grateful for yourself. Your options are endless, but it keep fun and sustainable.

  1. Repeat and Revise

Don’t let your practice of self gratitude become an obligation. Make it something you look forward to. Always keep changing and improving yourself and your practice.