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November is National Gratitude Month and with the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, many of us may be thinking about the art of gratitude and what we have come to be most thankful for this past year. If you have found yourself wondering how to incorporate the practice of gratitude into your life, we’re about to share 5 simple tips on how to be more grateful every day.

Why is it important to show gratitude?

Goals are great, but society can often be extremely goal-oriented and future-focused. This is why practicing gratitude for the present moment can add much-needed balance to our lives. As a powerful form of appreciation of what is in the here and now, gratitude can help us feel happier, remain grounded, and make us and our relationships emotionally stronger, among many other benefits. As said by Kuli Kuli‘s Founder and CEO, Lisa Curtis, “Though a focus on productivity is important, when we forget to express appreciation for ourselves and the people around us, relationships deteriorate and productivity suffers as a result”. If you’re wondering how to get started with a gratitude practice, we have a few easy ideas for you! 

5 Tips for Practicing Gratitude

#1: Create an Atmosphere of Gratitude

It sometimes feels too easy to find things to complain about. While having a healthy vent session every now and then can be extremely helpful, be sure to balance each conversation with something you are grateful for. During Thanksgiving, it is a common practice for families and friends to share what they are most grateful for that year, but who says you only have to do that on Thanksgiving Day! Try incorporating this gratitude ritual every day of the year no matter the holiday.

#2: Express Gratitude for Yourself Through Nutrition

An easy (and delicious!) way to show gratitude is to express gratitude for yourself through everyday food choices. By being mindful of what you put into your body, you are fueling yourself with nutritious food options, that make you feel good in return! Options include ethically raised eggs and meat sources, fresh fruits and vegetables, wellness shots and sustainably caught fish. Selecting the highest quality foods and supplements is one easy way to show gratitude for yourself, your health and energize your body with beneficial nutrients.

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#3: Go Outside for a Gratitude Walk

Going for a walk is an amazing way to get outside, breathe in some fresh air, and enjoy life’s simple moments through daily movement. As you walk, slow your mind down and focus on each step you take. With each step, think of something you are grateful for. It can be something small like having the health to go on a walk or it can be something big like getting to see all of your family and friends for the upcoming holiday season. Whether you walk in nature, explore a nearby community trail or take a casual stroll around your local neighborhood, going for a gratitude walk can be done almost anywhere and is an incredible practice of self-reflection.

#4: Live Mindfully

Living mindfully may sound simple, but can be especially challenging at times. It can be very difficult to be mindful in the present if you find yourself thinking about what’s next in your future. If you’re ever in this situation, stop and bring yourself back to the present moment. Take notice of what you are grateful for here and now and remind yourself that everything else will come in time. Don’t take the small things in life for granted, show them some gratitude instead!

#5: Start Small

Gratitude is a habit that develops over time and with practice, so start small. Grab a journal or notebook and make a list of one thing you are grateful for every day. If you don’t already have an established journal routine, start one today by simply listing your daily points of appreciation mentally. Each week, add an additional note of what you are grateful for so with each week you increase your list by one. Who knows where you’ll be in a year!

Although the month of November and Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, find a way to incorporate this practice every day of the year.

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