To Get to the Truth, Dig Deep

As moringa emerges as a “superfood” front-runner to bring nourishment to the world and stimulate natural ways to address numerous health conditions, more and more companies are jumping into the superfood game. Little do they know, rigorous farming standards must be upheld to yield the very best of what moringa has to offer. In the absence of following every rule of the game, a cheaper moringa product can be obtained; however, it’s the consumer who loses out on many of the much needed healing benefits.

Kuli Kuli is America’s leading moringa brand thanks to its commitment to upholding eight critical components of exceptional moringa harvesting and production:

Organic means Organic Certified


1.) Maintaining USDA Organic Certification means Kuli Kuli Pure Moringa successfully meets the requirements to:

  • use only approved substances during plant growth, harvesting and processing
  • protect the natural resources where Moringa oleifera plants are grown
  • conserve environmental biodiversity [2]


Direct Farmer Relationships


2.) Working with women-owned cooperatives and family farmers is important to Kuli Kuli and guarantees sustainable, eco-friendly hand-harvesting, high product quality and fair trade practices. Nurturing these partnerships positively impacts the lives of moringa farmers and their communities while bringing the very best moringa to consumers. Learn more about Kuli Kuli’s impact here.



Supplier Testing Standards


3.) Micronutrient and heavy metal levels are carefully assessed and tested multiple times before suppliers may obtain the “green light” to provide moringa for consumer products. It is here that some companies take short cuts which results in inferior products that are sold for less.



Inspected and Packed in the U.S.A.


4.) U.S.A. inspection and packaging ensures all moringa meets strict quality and safety standards before going into Kuli Kuli products.




Harvest Only Moringa Leaves


5.) Moringa leaves are well-known for their antioxidant activity, high protein and vitamin levels. It only makes sense to utilize this most nutrient-dense part of the tree to bring the most potent healing benefits to consumers.



Temperature Controlled Drying


6.) Growing organic, sustainably harvested moringa trees is only the beginning of the process to providing the purest moringa. Nutrients are lost with improper drying and processing methods. Temperature-controlled drying protects nutrient density and consistency while maintaining quality and safety.




Sourcing from Remote and Rural Areas


7.) Kuli Kuli’s moringa is sourced from rural and remote tropical regions that maintain naturally clean soil free of industrial pollutants. Moringa is a bioaccumulator, meaning it absorbs high mineral levels wherever it’s grown. If heavy metals are in the soil because of close proximity to industrialized areas, moringa trees will absorb heavy metals along with nutrients. This is a “no go” for Kuli Kuli, so sourcing from remote tropical regions protects both plants and people.



Third Party Audits and Certifications


8.) Product testing and manufacturing certifications are a must when ensuring the safety and quality of food-based products. Many companies have jumped into the moringa arena without doing their due diligence, and as a result, not all moringa is created equal. [1] In an effort to clarify growing industry concerns over moringa purity and quality, Kuli Kuli commissioned Midwest Labs, an accredited third party research company, to test for pesticide residue in Kuli Kuli’s Organic Pure Moringa along with three leading organic moringa products from competing brands. Kuli Kuli samples were free of pesticides; however, all three “organic” competitor samples tested above the USDA National Organic Program standards, proving testing and transparency should be integral to consumer assessments of the brands they choose.


As a moringa pioneer and trusted brand, Kuli Kuli brings the purest, most nutrient-dense, top-quality moringa to all those seeking the biggest bang for their hard-earned dollars. Backed by integrity, sustainable farming practices, transparency and the highest processing standards, the experts at Kuli Kuli consistently create winning, nourishing Moringa products that excel in nourishing you and the world.


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