A Walmart Launch Fighting Hunger at Home and in Africa

This past September, Kuli Kuli, a mission-driven startup pioneering the super green moringa, announced that they would be launching into 2,500 Walmart locations nationwide. To celebrate this exciting launch, Kuli Kuli embarked on an initiative to use their new platform to help fight hunger this Holiday season. This initiative continued to tackle the issue of malnutrition in Africa, by expanding the growth and demand of nutrient-dense moringa, as well as fight hunger here in the United States, by donating one product for every Kuli Kuli product sold at Walmart until Thanksgiving.

Kuli Kuli’s Feeding America Donations

From September 19th- November 28th, Kuli Kuli has donated a total of 42,572 units of product through Feeding America to local food banks in the Bay Area. Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect communities through food and end local hunger. Kuli Kuli stands by their mission statement: Nourishing You, Nourishing the World. While the world may sometimes seem overwhelmingly sizable, missions suchas these can connect communities through common goals, at times it is needed most. This Thanksgiving, Kuli Kuli is reflecting on and strengthen their meaning of community internationally and locally, one small step at a time.

Thank You, from the Kuli Kuli Team to the Kuli Kuli Family

Kuli Kuli’s Founder and CEO, Lisa Curtis, would like to express her gratitude for the Kuli Kuli Community who supported us during this initiative:

Dear Kuli Kuli Family, 

As many of you know, I began this journey with Kuli Kuli as a bright-eyed Peace Corps Volunteer almost exactly six years ago. It was in my small Nigerien village that I learned my first and most important entrepreneurial lesson. 

My village in Niger was tiny, home to just 2,000 people. Geographically, it should have taken no more than ten minutes to cross it, and yet it always took forty. Every couple of feet, I would stop to speak with a neighbor or friend, asking about their health, family and farms. While this might sound like a terrible waste of time, it built incredibly strong relationships and within just a few weeks, I had dozens of steadfast friends.

When I was feeling homesick, my friends acted out their favorite parts of American movies. When I struggled to learn the local language, they sat for hours with me going through flashcards. And when I was feeling weak from eating a nutrient-deficient vegetarian diet, my Nigerien friends brought me moringa leaves to re-energize me with the nutrients my body needed. It was in Niger that I first learned the power of community. 

A terrorist attack forced me to return back to America before my Peace Corps service was complete. Starting Kuli Kuli was a way for me to stay connected with incredible communities in West Africa while forming a new community here in the US of friends who believed that food should nourish the communities where it’s sourced and the communities where its sold. 

As Kuli Kuli has grown, so too has our community. We would not be here without the customers, farmers, advisors, investors, nutritionists and brand ambassadors who believed that this crazy Peace Corps dream could become a thriving, multi-million dollar social enterprise.

One of Kuli Kuli’s core values is gratitude. On this day of thanks, I’d like to express my utmost gratitude to you for being a part of the Kuli Kuli Family. 

Happy Thanksgiving!