Best Trends of the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show

With the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show already a week behind us, we’re beginning to finally unwind and reflect on some of the amazing food trends showcased this year. With 1,400 exhibitors and over 80,000 products on display, this show is the best place to discover what’s up and coming in the specialty food industry. After three full days of food, it’s no surprise that wellness trends are still in full force! With everything from plant-based to nutritionally-dense, here are a few of the best trends that Fancy Food had to show:


1. Functional Plant-Based Alternatives

The Eclipse Team at their Fancy Food Booth

Down to Cook’s Adda Veggie Mix in four varieties

As more and more individuals are turning to plants as their source of nourishment and endurance, brands are beginning to offer our favorite foods – with a plant-based focus! Some of the highlights from the show include Down to Cook Foods and their delicious Adda Veggie Mix, making plant-based protein easy and accessible, and Eclipse Foods whose plant-powered soft serve ice cream is the definition of “Cowlessly Creamy”.

2. Traditional Food, with a sustainable twist

Positively Groundfish and their delicious seafood samples

The Joolies California Superfruit Team

Along with emerging trends were also familiar foods with the added component of environmental sustainability. Posi+ively Groundfish , a non-profit trade association, was showcasing sustainable groundfish from the West Coast that support the successof local finishing industries. Efforts such as this are reinventing the meaning of eco-friendly eating and best choices when it does come to the meat.

Joolies, a Organic Medjool Date company, took the re-branded superfood and highlighted their sustainable local impact with everything from packaging to their supply chain.

3. Superfood as an ingredient

Griffith Food’s Chef Ryan at the Kuli Kuli Booth

Fonio Pilaf with Spinach and Moringa

Along with the rise of matcha and turmeric, Moringa was making its debut this year as an ingredient in some of the tastiest show recipes. The Kuli Kuli booth featured moringa as a functional ingredient in recipes such as moringa lattes for breakfast and moringa falafel for lunch. Yolélé, a company bringing awareness to the beautiful African supergrain, Fonio, announced their new Fonio Pilaf blends. Our personal favorite – Greens! with Spinach and Moringa.

4. Nutrient-Dense Flour Substitutes

The Caulipower Fancy Food Booth

Otto’s Showcasing their Cassava Flo



Whether you’re keto or gluten-free, the Fancy Food had plenty of flour substitutes on display. Caulipower made “pizza our favorite vegetable” with their cauliflower pizza crusts, while Otto’s highlighted the versatility of Cassava Flour as an amazing gluten-free substitute.

With the Fancy Food Show bringing attention to the healthy and sustainable trends of 2020, we’re excited to see these foods and ingredients coming on shelf at retailers and into kitchens at restaurants, across the nation.

Want to hop on-trend and test out moringa as an ingredient? Check out Kuli Kuli’s Organic Pure Moringa Powder!