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I am currently living in Guayaquil, Ecuador, the largest and most busy-bodied city in the entire country. With it comes crowded sidewalks, never-ending traffic and a thick layer of pollution that seems defeated against the ever-present humidity. While I absolutely love living here, smog included, it has been a brutal transition for my lungs and me. A couple weeks ago I found myself battling a super nasty case of bronchitis that made itself known in every aspect of my life as I coughed up green globs of mucus in between each breath.

I’m not too keen on medicine when it isn’t absolutely necessary.  So instead I opted for some home remedies to help battle the infection. My daily regimen included a green smoothie with lime juice, Kuli Kuli moringa powder, fresh ginger and some ripe bananas. The vitamin C combined with the ginger helped me support my immune system while the moringa powder worked its magic against the infection.

To be clear: moringa is not an antibiotic. It is, however, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can help fight infection in the body. Within a few days of starting the regimen my lungs were back to normal.  Soon, the only green that I had swirling in my mouth was my delicious green smoothie.

Moringa Helps Reduce Inflammation

As we now know, moringa offers many nutrition and healing properties to people that are malnourished or fighting poor health. The reason that it is such a strong agent against disease is because it is a power anti-inflammatory agent. In one study, researchers found that moringa helped reduce inflammation in rats that were injected with an inflammatory agent. Another study found that overall inflammation was inhibited in subjects given moringa extract.

Moringa reduces chances of chronic inflammation and helps with flare-ups.

And so the research goes with moringa. It is increasingly being studied in the world of disease research as the studies continue to point to moringa being a reliable and notable anti-inflammatory natural remedy.

Natural Remedy for Bronchitis

Another study researchers looked at moringa in terms of pulmonary functioning. This particular study aimed to find whether or not moringa helped reduce asthmatic activity. In the process they found that indeed moringa significantly reduced the asthmatic activity by reducing inflammation in the lungs and increasing overall lung capacity and expiratory flow.

Bronchitis is simply inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which results in a production of mucus in order to combat the inflammation. As is my case, the intense air pollution forced my body to respond with an overproduction of mucus. Given the research on moringa, inflammation and lung activity it seemed logical to focus on healing my lungs with a little bit of moringa each morning.

If you find yourself with a cough this season that is lingering a bit try some moringa each morning! Best case scenario is that you help your body combat the inflammation quickly. Worst case scenario? You help your body in another number of ways with all the antioxidants in your single serving of moringa!

Has moringa helped you reduce inflammation? Please share your moringa story in the comments below!

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