Moringa plant for smoothie

The Moringa Movement

As a moringa based company, Kuli Kuli frequently shares our overarching vision to bring moringa to the masses. As one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet, we know that the moringa tree has the capability to impact many lives around the world. However, we are not alone on this mission! From the farmers who grow this powerful super green to the individuals who blend it into smoothies, we all play a role in the moringa movement.

James Brady of Con10u2farm

Meet James Brady of Con10u2farm

Today, we are recognizing James Brady, Founder of Con10u2farmL3c, a 21st Century Agtech Consulting firm specializing in Adaptive Growing Modules with recirculating water systems. James has been an influential individual in this movement as he consults with organizations around the nation for Agriculture Grant evaluations while pursuing the establishment of moringa 

James Brady and a colleague working with moringa leaves and powder

growing projects at Universities across America. James and Con10u2farm also partner with the Sacramento County Health Department, allowing his work to recruit schools through their Champion for Change Footprint. With a 25K investment,

Con10u2farm designed gardens for 15 schools along with apartment complexes, a Home for Girls, and a Boys and Girls Club. His last Greenhouse install was at the Sacramento Boys and Girls Club in 2018, which includes a 100-watt solar panel.

In 2018, James also able to include new Agriculture curriculum in Pittsburg, CA School District and is now being piloted in Williams, CA School District, and will be published at UC Davis this year.  As a Veteran, James has been awarded the’Homegrown Hero Label’  by the Farmers Veterans Coalition in Davis, CA for his incredible work.

One of the greenhouses implemented by Con10u2farm


In James’ words:

I believe Urban Agriculture may be considered an adaption strategy. This strategy brings multiple benefits to cities and large urban populations that are directly and indirectly affected by climate change, with the urban poor being most at risk. To address this problem we must look at the General Plans for clues that embrace Urban Agriculture Ordinances. We must organize local agriculturists to support Urban Ag. before city councils to push forward these ordinances as we did in Sacramento five years ago. We can then scale the ordinances to include aquaponics, hydroponics, and 21st Century organic growing methods that are cost effective and produces without chemicals.

We promote Urban Agriculture and Civic Engagement for all distressed communities. This starts with a AgricultureOrdinances that promote economic vitality and self sufficiency. Vacant lots and building rooftops could be used to grow nutritious food in smaller spaces for profit and provide tax credits to property owners. Their products such as moringa at a local APP whichs connects all local grower and consumers with buyers. 

It is vital that people start to grow food for themselves as many begin to experience food insecurity and recalls from big farmers. I would encourage all people to grow their health care, and it starts with a Moringa Tree in every the yard.

Con10u2farm’s vision is to change the way humans view food security and to impact the nation’s number one pandemic of diabetes and obesity, and do so by promoting Moringa! Kuli Kuli is grateful for partners in our community like James and Con10u2farm, who are significantly strengthening the moringa movement within the United States. 

To learn more about the working James in doing in his communities and through the moringa tree, visit Con10u2farm online!