Moringa Caipirinha Cocktail

The 2016 Rio Olympics are in full force and the whole world is buzzing as the scores for each event trickle in. We are all gathered around our respective screens as we root for our country in this incredibly visible stage. Countries from all over the world are celebrating as they finally claim their status in an otherwise unfair world, Brazil–the host country–being one of them. Brazil is rich in culture (we won’t talk about the corruption, here) and vibrant with music, food, and dance making it an enviable destination. One of their shining pieces of cultural contribution is the simple yet deliciously refreshing Caipirinha.

A Caipirinha is traditionally made with lime and rum and just a splash of club soda and sugar to make it sweet. Variations of this delicious drink abound online and so it is inevitable that we would adapt this recipe to include moringa as well … because, hey, why can’t a good cocktail also give you a boost of energy?

The nutritional properties in moringa make it a good anti-hangover ingredient in this otherwise hangover-inducing drink. So in a way this Moringa Caipirinha is sort of like a superhero of cocktails, amiright? I did something extra crazy with my Moringa Caipirinha and I blended it because, to be honest, I didn’t want the little flakes of moringa in my teeth. You can either blend it or keep the cubes whole, like the traditional drink. Either way you are no less blessed with flavor or buzz.


2 shots of white rum

2 T raw sugar

1 t Kuli Kuli Moringa

1 lime, juiced

club soda to taste

ice cubes, as needed


Mix everything thoroughly in a shaker until the sugar is dissolved and the moringa is evenly distributed. Or, opt for the blender for even distribution and a perfectly refreshing drink for this summer heat.