Saving money can be really hard. Especially when you are saving for a vacation that might seem far in the future. Travel is a luxury, but with some hard work and creativity, it is not unattainable… at least this is what I’m telling my 3-months-out-of-college self. Of course, the scope of your financial commitment will vary depending on location, but whether you are planning a two-week-long trip to a national park or a two-month-long trip across the world, there are lots of sneaky ways to save your cash! Here are some of my favorite tips for getting you to where you want to go:

Reassess your routine.

Do you buy coffee every day? Go to happy hour every Tuesday? Buy lunch a few times during the week? If I’ve learned anything, it’s that the little things add up! A latte here and a meal out might seem harmless but it’s really the under $15 purchases that sneak up on your budget. Spend some time at the beginning of each week assessing your calendar and budget so that you have a game plan. If you know that you have Thursday night dinner plans with friends, maybe think about skipping that Monday afternoon snack purchase and bring something from home!

Set budgeting goals and stick to your plan.

At the beginning of each month, evaluate both your income and your expenditures to come up with a projected budget goal. Having a specific number in mind will allow you to minimize those small purchases! You can also write down the number where you can see it (like on a sticky note on your mirror) as an extra motivator.

Change how you see money.

Begin to think of money in terms of your trip– a $15 manicure could pay for a meal abroad while a $70 clothing purchase could cover the permits to go backpacking for a week!

Get creative!

You could spend a few hours each weekend dog-walking for your neighbors or sort through your closet to sell those rarely-worn items. With all of the apps that are available today, there are many opportunities to roll up your sleeves and make a little cash.


Bon voyage!



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