moringa benefits

Moringa as an anti-inflammatory food

Before I begin can I just say that I love that the latest trend is actually to be healthy? Of all the things to be trendy I think we can agree that health is a safe bet. All this to say that I recognize that health—moringa included—is super trendy right now. The problem with this is that many people may question just how useful a trendy push may be. Juice fasts? Reasonably questionable. Moringa? Not a chance. Just because moringa is all the rage at the moment doesn’t make it less amazing or too mainstream to add to virtually any lifestyle.

The key to understanding that moringa is a worthwhile trend is to understand the hard facts behind its benefits. The main benefit, the benefit that circumvents all other benefits, is supported by cold, hard science. So while you are scooping this green powder into your super vegan super food super green smoothie know that this is legitimately, scientifically a good thing for you. Moringa, in short, helps combat inflammation. As you read on you will see just how dangerous inflammation can be to you and, thus, just how valuable moringa can be in combating inflammation.

Stress and inflammation

Our bodies are incredible machines that work almost perfectly in order to survive. In fact, I would argue that cancer is not necessarily the result of a poorly working body but the result of a stress response that couldn’t keep up with the stress. You see, while you and I are very smart individuals living in 2016, our bodies were designed for a very different type of stress, one that comes from very primal triggers.

Our stress response system is actually one that was designed (or adapted?) to respond to immediate situations that threaten survival. Remember that before we were millennial zombies with iPhone 7s in hand we were first human beings that responded to potential animal attacks and poisonous plants. Our bodies were designed to survive that world, not the one we live in today.

So when we open our inbox and see 1,000 new emails or when we are stuck in the unforgivable rush hour traffic our bodies don’t know the difference between the looming lion in the bushes and the jerk that just cut us off (damn him!). As a result, our bodies initiate the flight-or-fight response in order to combat the stress.

Let me be clear about two things: I’m certainly not the first to write about this and so I take no credit in relaying this information. Secondly, the flight-or-flight response is indeed a good thing. You see, when there is a lion in the bushes our bodies need an appropriate amount of adrenaline, dilated blood vessels and clear thinking to deal with the situation. But when our body is permanently pumping adrenaline, dilating blood vessels, and flooding our brains with neurotransmitters that are best reserved for emergencies you can imagine the biological mayhem that might follow.

This, my friends, is where inflammation begins to set in. In a poorly fought battle against stress our bodies succumb to the response system and instead of surviving they begin to swell up in the form of inflammation and disease.

Inflammation and poor health

The root of all sickness begins with one word: inflammation. Inflammation is so much more than what happens when you sprain an ankle or scrape your knee. Inflammation can happen to essentially any tissue that exists in your living body and is the quickest and surest way that your body can communicate to you that something is amiss.

The most notorious link between inflammation and poor health is that of heart disease and proper brain functioning. Chronic stress—which translates as chronic inflammation—can lead to heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, and dementia and memory problems. If you don’t work on the end of prevention, by lowering your stress levels and providing your body with support to combat stress, your body could break down in a dangerous way as a result.

Moringa can lower inflammation

Obviously here at Kuli Kuli we are pretty psyched about the benefits of moringa. We know that it is packed with nutrients and antioxidants, which together can combat harmful free radicals that undoubtedly attack your body on a daily basis. More than this, however, is that research is booming in regards to moringa as an anti-inflammatory food.

In fact, one study found that moringa might be helpful in treating acute inflammatory conditions due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Another study found that moringa not only reduced inflammation markers in mice but also helped reduce obesity, insulin, and cholesterol. The very makeup of moringa, most identifiable is the presence of isothiocyanates, helps combat these issues without much more effort than simply incorporating it into your diet.

Our Kuli Kuli moringa powder makes it super easy to add a healthy dose of this anti-inflammatory product to your diet. Whether you are using it to treat your sore muscles or to help combat your stressful life you can easily do both by adding a scoop to your morning smoothies.

Check out our recipe page for more ideas on how to add moringa to your diet!