Whether you’re craving that creamy s’mores taste of your childhood or looking to bring family and friends together, summer bonfires will always be a favorite pastime. Here at Kuli Kuli we believe that even long standing family traditions can be made more sustainable.

1. Small Fires

Though it may be tempting to try and nurture a huge fire, there are many reasons why keeping your fire small is a sustainable practice. By keeping your fire small, you can control it better, which makes putting it out at the end of the night less of a hassle. When you intentionally create a small fire, you are being aware of your own carbon footprint.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to huddle closer around the fire on a cool summer night?

2. What’s in your fire?

When burning wood, the risk of releasing potentially harmful chemicals into the air is a reality that you should keep in mind. In order to minimize the amount of chemicals in the air, you should try to burn dry wood or logs and branches that are not commercially treated. This sustainable practice ensures safe air quality for everyone. Make sure to use kindling for your fire instead of lighter fluid!

Kids like to throw anything they find in the fire. Be careful that plastics aren’t making their way to the fire for the same reasons already mentioned. Always have somebody watching the fire.

moringa s'more

3. Expand your food options!

With bonfires and any large gatherings, there must be food! S’mores are the go-to food option for bonfires. If you are going to make s’mores, think about buying your ingredients from the local co-op. Add ingredients that are sustainably and ethically procured.

Don’t be afraid to bring out leftovers! Bonfires are the perfect opportunity to ensure all the leftovers get eaten. During your next bonfire, try not to buy food just for the event. Use what is in your fridge already or invite your friends and family to do the same.

You can try our delicious Moringa s’mores recipe here:


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