It’s three o’clock on a Saturday… the regular crowd shuffles in. Billy Joel lyrics aside, how many people experience the 3:00 PM crash on any given day? Despite how many espressos and caffeinated drinks have been enjoyed? Energizing snacks are one way to help lift spirits and overall, help with focus and energy. Today, many people are swapping caffeinated drinks for superfood snacks containing moringa.

In this article, we’ll explore two superfood snacks and how they can help as mid-morning or mid-afternoon boosts.

What is a Superfood Snack?

In this article, we consider a “superfood snack” as any snack that has an abundance of multivitamins, and documented benefits for overall vitality. While pursuing a healthy lifestyle is key for sustained wellness, there are certain foods that offer a powerhouse of fiber, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and more. Cruciferous vegetables, such as moringa, are a frequently noted superfood, with benefits ranging from heart health to gut health.

Both of our snacks in this article feature moringa, which could be the new caffeine-free lift that your day needs. It’s called “the miracle tree” in many cultures around the world, and for good reason!

Moringa as Caffeine-Free Energy

The caffeine-free health benefits of moringa are well-documented, with additional research on its benefits released each year.

Pure Moringa Powder with green smoothie

Pure Moringa Powder: The Secret Ingredient!

Caffeine affects people differently, since it affects the central nervous system, tends to be addictive, and can disrupt sleep patterns.1 Because moringa is a nutrient-dense superfood, the lift from consuming this plant is different: the whole body is nourished and lifted, rather than a temporary burst of energy.

Many people who add moringa to their routine, either in place of coffee or in addition to it, experience a change to their overall energy. The “afternoon crash” diminishes, replaced by a jitter-free lift for extended energy.

In search of your next moringa-rich snack? Our two snacks below feature a caffeine-free moringa snack, as well as a caffeinated moringa snack.

Superfood Shots & Superfood Bars

We’re partnering with So Good So You, a small business started by plant-based foodies who wanted to bring functional food to consumers. The secret ingredient in both of these snacks? Our organic and pure moringa powder!

Energy Probiotic Shot

Energy Shot from So Good So You

Their Energy Shot offers a whole array of benefits, including one billion CFU of probiotics, a good dose of Vitamin C, and moringa for sustained energy. Needing sustained energy? This is a good place to start!

So Good So You offers a colorful variety of nutrient-rich probiotic shots and juice. The 2x Energy Shot offers 190 mg of caffeine, for those who want the nutritional benefits of moringa and the caffeine connection. Both shots are packed with organic juice too, helping you feel sustained energy throughout the day.

The probiotics are an added perk in these shots, offering some love and nutrition to overall gut health, which is a key part of feeling strong and healthy. You can take these So Good So You shots as part of your morning routine, or as an afternoon pick-me-up!

Moringa Bar Held in Air

Moringa Energy Bars from Kuli Kuli

For those in search of a moringa bar that is caffeine-free, we recommend our Kuli Kuli moringa energy bars, available as Black Cherry or Dark Chocolate. In a rush, or need a “salad-on-the-go?” These bars offer half a cup of leafy greens, with no added sugar!

Whether your morning or afternoon snack, or a post-workout bite, these bars can help lift your spirits and overall energy.

So Good So You & Kuli Kuli Giveaway

Each person is different in their needs: maybe you need a caffeinated and nutrient-rich probiotic shot from So Good So You. Maybe you need a salad-on-the-go moringa energy bar. Maybe you need both, depending on the day!

We’re excited to announce a giveaway with the team at So Good So You! Today (9/3/20) through 9/9/20, we are offering a joint giveaway, happening on Instagram. One winner will be randomly selected to receive 10 So Good So You Free Product Vouchers and 12 Kuli Kuli Moringa Energy Bars. For details on how to enter, visit @SoGoodSoYou or @KuliKuliFoods on Instagram.

As for the promo code on our website, you can also use the code: SOGOOD for 15% off our Moringa Energy Bars. Enjoy!

What happens when you swap coffee for one of these moringa superfood snacks? Let us know in the comments!Probiotic green juice shot and moringa bar on table

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