The wave of startup culture has branched out into the health field. As technology is becoming a tool used in more and more areas of our lives, it seems that digital diagnosis is not too far-fetched of an idea after all. With new apps being created that monitor our health, it is now more important than ever to keep up our end of the bargain, as they can detect our health statuses but it is our responsibility to put in the hard work. With that being said, check out some of the latest, innovative health apps that are changing up the health market!


  1. Lumo^

Working forty plus hours a week can take a toll on your body. Ergonomics can sometimes fail you with flimsy office chairs and subpar tables. Lumo^ allows posture correction, eliminating one of the leading causes of back pains.


  1. Charity Miles

In the running for a good cause, literally! Every mile of exercise earns money for many different charities. Talk about a great way to stay fit while still making a difference others’ in lives.


  1. Allergy FT

Never let food restrict you from where you want to go. Food can be dangerous sometimes, even if it’s healthy. Allergies can sneak up on someone when they least expect it, and doing this in another country can make precautionary measures even more difficult. Allergy FT allows for your allergy profile to be translated in the native tongues of different countries, breaking language barriers and saving you from any scary episodes.


  1. Talkspace

Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone who is an outsider on your situation. This helps provide a third-person opinion on what’s going on. However, resources for mental health can often be extremely daunting financially, causing many to not seek the proper help they need. Mental health is addressed through Talkspace, an app that connects you to licensed therapists for an affordable monthly price.


Health apps with area focuses ranging from physical to mental, active to inactive, are now becoming increasingly available on the app store. The potential to revolutionize the health industry is there, for the better. It is how we utilize these resources that will determine the nature of future outcomes.

About the Author:

Sofia Schonenberg is an International Studies major at the Johns Hopkins University, where she has been exposed to many perspectives on certain global issues and ideas. Having been a Miami, Florida native, she has also come to appreciate different languages and cultures such as Spanish and German. Growing up in a tropical environment provided a large variety of fresh foods and local farmer’s markets, allowing her to further her education in proper nourishment. She has a strong interest in sustainability, and hopes to aid in the development of better independent farming practices. For more articles by Sofia, click here!