Remote learning and at-home life has presented its own challenges for children and parents. As we highlighted in our webinar, How to Eat for Energy and Immunity, this is a tricky time for women, families, and farmers around the world. Moringa lunches can offer one way to help meet daily nutrition needs in the home.

We hope to offer three, quick lunches that can deliver packed nutrients to students, and do not take too much prep time. Enjoy the “moringa lunches” below! We also offered a bonus moringa snack towards the end of the post.

3 Easy “Back-to-School” Lunches for Kids

For more highlights, please watch our webinar on Eating for Energy and Immunity. There are lots of tips on how to stay healthy during this uncertain time.

Let us know in the comments if you have any quick nutrient-dense lunches that have helped you and your family stay nourished too!

1) Moringa Grilled Cheese and Quesadillas 

Adding moringa to a classic recipe like grilled cheese or quesadillas is a great way to offer a nutritious meal. We recommend adding 1 teaspoon of organic moringa powder at first, per serving. You can add the moringa powder to the cheese or veggies in between the bread for the grilled cheese, or on the tortilla for the quesadilla.

Because moringa is high in vitamins and fiber, it can move through the body quickly and help with bowel movements; one teaspoon is a great “starter” amount! Many people increase their daily moringa serving to one tablespoon. If you are wondering, How Often I Should Eat Moringa, and we offer a separate article digging into that.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can always try a spin on the recipe, such as making Blueberry Basil Moringa Grilled Cheese.

2) Yogurt Smoothie Bowl with Granola

Moringa smoothie bowl

“Mommy and Me” Smoothie Bowl

Lots of kids love “breakfast for lunch” and “breakfast for dinner” occasions. There are so many ways to enjoy a smoothie bowl, and kids often love putting their own spin on smoothies too.

Our Mommy and Me: Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl is a quick and easy favorite. If you find yourself overthinking the smoothie bowl idea, we recommend you just choose a flavor and go for it. Nut butters are great, filling additions to consider.

Check out our blog post on 4 Tips to Make a Healthy Moringa Smoothie for more ideas too.

3) Moringa Pasta Dishes

Pasta requires a little bit more prep, but the good news is that you can make a big batch of pasta and save the leftovers for a quick reheat later in the week.

Moringa blends beautifully into marinara and pesto sauce, making it a great way to get veggies into dishes like lasagna. Our Moringa Macaroni and Cheese recipe also utilizes moringa to make these cheesy comfort food rich in vitamins.

For any “moringa lunch” recipe where moringa is being cooked, we recommend adding the moringa towards the end of the recipe. This superfood does lose some of its nutritional content at a high temperature.

For example, if you’re heating up marinara sauce to toss into spaghetti, add the organic moringa powder during the last minute or so, with just enough time to stir the powder so the sauce absorbs it.

Bonus snack: Moringa Hummus 

If you make your own hummus, then you’re set to go with this recipe. Add 1 teaspoon of moringa next time to it! Maybe offer Moringa, Hummus, and Cucumber Toast for the more adventurous eaters in your family.

Need more ideas on how to make moringa part of your children’s meals? Earlier this year, we dug into 10 Ways to Moringafy Recipes for Children. The result is a fun collection of easy twists on recipes, by adding anywhere from 1 tsp – 1 tbsp of moringa.

Adding moringa to your family dishes provides an effective way to boost nutrition and energy for the family without sacrificing taste.

We’d love to hear from you. What are you cooking these days for at-home school lunches? Any moringa lunches?

Grilled Cheese sandwich on plate

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