As a personal chef with an eye on nutrition, I am always looking for ways to make recipes that are healthy and satisfying. Many of my clients love the convenience and satisfaction of baked goods, especially muffins and bread. It’s so much easier to pack a Banana Walnut muffin for their commute to work than to try eating a spinach salad. And when it comes to kids, they are usually more likely to gobble up a Green “Boo-Berry” Goblin pancake than to dive into a bowl of kale.

This is one of the reasons I was so excited to come across the Moringa powder. One little packet (10g) packs 3 g of fiber and 3 g of protein! Plus, there’s Vitamin A, calcium, and Iron – all essential for a healthy diet. This means that I can easily “amp-up” the nutrition in my breads and muffins by simply adding this to my recipe. I’ve been using this super-green powder in my baking for a few months now. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned, for successful with Moringa powder baking:

1) Remember the color – It’s GREEN! I’ve made muffins for kids who loved this green color while I’ve seen adults scowl at it. You have two options: Embrace the color or hide it. If you’re embracing it, flavor your muffins with mint extract for a “Super-Minty” muffin. If you’re hiding it, use the powder in chocolatey recipes like brownies or chocolate muffins.

Green Muffins Baking

2) Start with a little – Start by substituting just 2 tbsp. of your flour with the Moringa powder. Make sure you like the taste and the texture holds up before adding more.

3) Follow the Fourth – A general rule of thumb when substituting flour is to only swap out ¼ of the mix. For a recipe that calls for 1 cup of wheat flour, you can use up to ¼ cup of Moringa powder + ¾ cup wheat flour. If you add more than this, the batter probably won’t get has much rise and have the texture you want.

4) Sift with the dry ingredients – Add the powder to your dry ingredient mix and sift everything together. This will ensure the powder is evenly mixed in the batter and avoids any Moringa green clumping.

Sifting green powder with flour

Need Recipe Ideas?
In Cookies: add mint extract and mini chocolate chips for “Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies”
In Pancakes: Add to your pancake mix with blueberries for Green Goblin “Boo-Berry” Pancakes
In Bread: Add to Zucchini bread to amp-up the green color
In Brownies: Sneak into chocolate brownies, and no one will know they’re eating veggies!

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get baking! Please share your Moringa baking successes with the community. We’d love to hear what recipes you and your family love.

You can find many more yummy moringa recipes on our blog!

About the Author:

Katie Simmons is a Personal Chef based in Chicago.  She specializes in creating delicious, healthy recipes for those with special dietary concerns like gluten-free, oil-free, plant-based, and low-residue.  Outside of the kitchen, she is a Fitness Instructor for Equinox, with over 13 years experience in the fitness industry.  For fun, she loves to travel, with her most recent travel involving 10 days of hiking in the Patagonia of Argentina and Chile.  You can learn more about her and her recipes at: