Moringa is a great addition to any diet. We recommended eating 1 tsp to 1 tbsp of our pure moringa powder per day. Whether it be as part of a smoothie, a simple breakfast or an afternoon snack, you really can’t go wrong with a little moringa every day. Plus, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can add moringa to all kinds of recipes!

Let’s dig a little deeper to find out just how often you should be eating moringa.

Why Moringa?

If you are using moringa to help combat or prevent diseases, like diabetes or high cholesterol, your intake of moringa might be different than supplemental moringa users. In this case, we recommend speaking with a doctor and holistic health expert. This article is a general guide for people who want to eat moringa every day, and want a guideline for how often and how much that can be!

Green Moringa Smoothie

Green Moringa Smoothie

Experts say there is no maximum “dosage” for people using moringa as a supplement. However, it is also important to note that unlike many other superfood powders, moringa is in fact not a supplement. It is a real food product regulated by the FDA. This means you can be sure that its nutritional contents are the real deal.

We summarized the 10 Reasons to Eat Moringa Everyday in another article too. Besides supporting a good cause and sustainable farming, consuming moringa has so many health benefits to enjoy.


Are there Negative Side Effects to Eating moringa?

Luckily, since moringa is a vegetable, and there aren’t many negative side effects associated with eating it. Consume moringa like any vegetable in your healthy diet; however, if you’re having any adverse reactions, then definitely let a health professional know.

In human studies of moringa consumption, no known toxicity or adverse effects have been found. In Burkina Faso, severely malnourished local children receive 10 grams of moringa a day without any negative effects. Studies on mice show toxicity at high levels of an aqueous extract of moringa. However, these levels are much higher than what is attainable through eating moringa leaves⁠—think 195 grams for an 80 kg adult. You would have to consume a ridiculous amount of moringa for that!

How Much Moringa Should I eat?

Carrie Waterman, PhD, Professional Researcher at UC Davis, has been working with moringa for 15 years. She is currently conducting moringa research funded by a grant from the National Institute of Health. You can read more about Dr. Waterman in our webinar recap about How to Eat for Energy and Immunity.

Waterman notes research that says the optimal amount of moringa for a 150 lbs adult is 1,600-2,200 mgs a day. However, she recommends a daily serving size of 5-10 grams. Waterman counsels, “Because moringa is considered a vegetable, like broccoli or spinach, its consumption is generally regarded as safe in countries of native consumption.”

In conclusion, since there aren’t really any negative effects to eating moringa leaf powder, and its nutritional benefits are numerous, you can eat as much moringa as you are comfortable with. Our daily recommendation of 1 tsp – 1 tbsp still stands. This will be enough for your body to reap the benefits of moringa’s iron, protein, and fiber content, and more.

Moringa is also extremely easy to add to your diet as you can include our moringa powder in a vast array of delicious recipes. If you feel overwhelmed by all the 200+ moringa recipes on our blog, just pick one moringa routine that works for you and stick with it.

Lots of people love their morning moringa smoothie, while others crave moringa in their afternoon pick-me-up snack. These days even avocado moringa nice cream is in the realm of possibility.

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Green Moringa SmoothieGreen Moringa Smoothie Moringa Green Smoothie BowlGreen Moringa Smoothie Bowl

Detox Salad with Moringa Tahini Dressing

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moringa iced tea


How Often Should I Eat Moringa