Summer is here, and the Kuli Kuli Team is determined to enjoy every second of the sunny weather. While many of us in the office are often stuck at our desks, we still make time to soak up rays beside Lake Merritt and try new summer activities. While we haven’t located our office hula-hoops, check out the other cool things we’ve been up to!

the Office Team

For me, the highlight of my summer with Kuli Kuli was paddle boarding. It was definitely a new adventure for me, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little bit intimidating. While founder Lisa was standing on her paddle board like a champ (she had clearly done this before) the rest of us had to learn where to stand on our boards and how to hold our paddles properly. We picked it up pretty quickly and soon we were gliding around like old pros. To top off our Kuli Kuli team building, we all tucked a Green Energy Shot into our life vests, which had a perfect zipper pocket.

summer paddle boarding

 the Bloggers

Kuli Kuli blog editor Katie has also been having a great summer, staycationing in her hometown of Minneapolis. Since Minneapolis is ranked #1 in the United States for Urban Parks, Katie loves going outside in the summer. She sent the office crew this picture to show us how she’s been enjoying her moringa.


Blogger Barbara is always jetting around the globe doing so many amazing things we can barely keep up. She’s in Las Vegas now and sent this beautiful picture of a Kuli Kuli Green Energy Shot looking quite comfortable in its new setting.

summer sunset strip shot

We hope all of you are having an awesome summer as well! Check out the banner below to fuel your fun summer activities!

For an extra-flavorful season, try some new summer recipes like our moringa ahi poke and caribbean moringa quinoa black bean sliders!

Moringa Banana Bread