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Maybe you just watched Sideways, visited Napa for the first time, or maybe you’ve been drinking wine since college and know your Barolos from your Barbarescos. Wherever you are in the spectrum of winos, it’s hard not to appreciate a perfect glass of fermented grapes.

Here is your ultimate guide to every type of wine and a #moringainspired snack that pairs perfectly with it. Most importantly, remember, wine is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t worry too much if it isn’t what the “experts” would say works well with a dish. Go with what you like and sip like you know what you’re doing.

Fun fact, when you swirl wine in a glass and see the pretty streaks left along the glass (if it’s a good quality wine), those are called “legs.”


For a dry sparkling wine, like cava from Spain or a yeast champagne, spinach and feta stuffed pastry puffs work perfectly. The bubbles help cut through the rich cheese and pastry, creating a perfect re-set for your palate to enjoy every bite thoroughly.

Sauvignon Blanc

Rich and creamy, avocados are a perfect snack for the summer and also for a crisp glass of sav blanc. Some savs have a heavy emphasis on tart fruits, like passionfruit-laden sav blancs from New Zealand, while French sav blancs tend to be more mellow and contain more minerality. Either will work well with this moringa inspired spinach and guacamole dip.


I can down a bottle of Riesling without a single bite of food. There is so much variety within just this one type of wine, from almost bone dry to dessert-like sweetness, someone who tells you they, “don’t like Riesling,” just haven’t tried enough of them. A dry Riesling with a good amount of acidity will pair perfectly with vegan/vegetarian soups like this moringa broccoli soup. Again, acidity plays an important role in food and wine pairings and helps to cut through the creaminess of this soup.


Mushrooms, rice, and moringa, breaded and fried. These delectable treats work well with both stainless steel fermented chardonnays and partially oaked chardonnay. The richness of these moringa and mushroom arancini, or risotto balls, work well with the crisp fruitiness of a unoaked chardonnay and the oakiness of a chardonnay partially fermented in oak barrels (preferably American oak or used French oak).


Pinot Noir

Well spiced and made with chickpeas, falafel balances well with the spicy, fruit-forward flavor of light pinot noirs. Opt for new world pinot noir like from California, Oregon, New Zealand, or Australia as these will have more fruit forward flavors and can be drunk while still quite young.

Cabernet Sauvignon

For a heavier red, choose heavier foods, like this #moringainspired Vegan Three Bean Chili. The tomato based chili and beans pair well with the tannic reds, like cab sav from Northern California or Australia.

Dessert Wine

A reserve wine, ice wine, or other sticky would pair perfectly with these Moringa Powerballs. Think of it more like a super healthy dessert that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating and can also enjoy on the go. My favorite type of dessert wines are reserve, old vine, or late harvest Rieslings, but you could even go with an ice wine from Canada or a Pedro Ximenez sherry from Spain (note, this type of sherry tastes like chocolate and figs).

Drink responsibly and savor every sip. Cheers to your health from Kuli Kuli!

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