Recently, I embarked on a delightful journey with Kuli Kuli’s 7-day plant-based detox program called the Moringa Body Reset (MBR). The MBR challenge was created in 2017 by Kuli Kuli and Andrea Talley to provide moringa lovers with a healthy, well-supported means of gently detoxifying the blood, liver and kidneys to create a well-balanced start for the New Year.

Why Detox?

Daily dietary choices, environmental contaminants and poor lifestyle habits contribute to toxic overload within the body, leading to discomfort and ill health. Detoxifying the body regularly is essential to developing and maintaining optimal health. Just like the natural rhythms of the seasons and the change of ocean tides, the body has key times of the year when detoxification efforts yield greater results and accelerate healing. The winter solstice is the beginning of an excellent period for cleansing out the old as the New Year approaches. Reducing the toxic load within the body equals increased energy, improved digestion and stronger immune health.

What’s not to love? Embracing periodic cleansing only makes a healthier, more energized, greater YOU!

Getting Into It

With processed foods and sugar-sweetened beverages dominating the majority of American dietary habits, the first step (before starting any detoxification program) is to eliminate unhealthy foods and alcohol from your  daily diet. Doing so at least 5 days in advance of the MBR launch will minimize potential detox discomforts such as headache, energy drops and gas.

Detox Moringa Style

The MBR kit provides recipes, organic moringa, moringa energy shots, moringa energy bars and smoothie mixes to use as you progress through this 7-day cleanse.

Below I share a day-by-day summary my MBR journey using the recipes provided by Kuli Kuli. Specific daily menus arrive in your email as a guide for each day.

An important note, use the amount of daily moringa powder that works best for your body, as it is a powerful healing food. Recipes calling for moringa powder worked exceptionally well with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of moringa added during my meals. Some folks may need less or may want more. A serving of one tablespoon can be too much for some people and may cause stomach cramps. Keep in mind, elimination during a cleanse is important! Stay regular by consuming copious amounts of alkaline water, and the moringa, fruits and vegetables should do their work to keep the body’s septic tank working smoothly.

Day 1

Coasted through the day with abundant energy after drinking a 16 ounce glass of alkaline water upon waking and enjoying a large moringa smoothie for breakfast. Both lunch and dinner consisted of a large mixed greens salad with Tahini dressing and a side of quinoa mango salad for dinner. An apple and moringa energy bar were my snacks of choice.

Day 2

Evangeline with Green Salad

Slept well and awoke energized to start the day with 16 ounces of alkaline water and later an almond banana smoothie for breakfast. Large green salads were back on the menu for lunch and dinner with tahini dressing. A side of quinoa helped revitalize energy that had dipped during a very active afternoon. A moringa energy shot kept me going as I worked into the evening, but it was early to bed after this busy day.

Day 3

Guacamole Salad

I continued consuming alkaline water regularly in addition to the menu of the day, and my energy was steady with another day of eating solid foods. I noticed significant improvement to my skin texture and appearance.

Day 4

Smoothie Bowl

This was a physically demanding day at work while embarking on liquids only for Day 4 and Day 5. Energy dropped off in the afternoon but a second green smoothie with moringa recharged my batteries. Raw butternut squash soup for dinner was a nourishing ending to an active day.

Day 5

Moringa Smoothie

Energy felt low upon waking, as I felt more peaceful and introspective, but I faced another busy work day. A morning moringa smoothie supported the energy boost needed to move on with the day’s activities. An afternoon drop in energy required a slight adjustment to my “liquids only” day. It was necessary to add a small salad and warm vegetable broth with my evening raw harvest soup.

Day 6

Raw Taco Salad

In the home stretch! Solid vegetables were reintroduced into the menu plan, and my energy fluctuated throughout the morning but stabilized with warm vegetable broth. It was a day of rest with a smoothie bowl instead of raw vegetables for lunch. Yoga and meditation further focused healing energy for the day which ended with a delicious raw taco salad.

Day 7

Final day! Quinoa was reintroduced into the menu today and my energy was steady. Another day of introspection, meditation and yoga was a star in my healing crown. I noticed weight loss over the last few days and my skin continued to make improvements. I was feeling light, free and a strong desire to continue this program for extra time. My reward after the evening green salad with quinoa was a serving of the raw vegan ice cream made from nuts, frozen banana and cinnamon – free of dairy and added sugars!

Next Steps

So once you’ve made it through the MBR challenge, what next? It’s important to ease into heavier foods during the 2-3 weeks following a detox program. Start with more whole grains like brown rice, millet and quinoa, integrate soups and stews, and steer clear of processed foods. You want to keep making progress and avoid losing the benefits that have been gained.

A cleaner body equals clearer thinking, improved gut health, more energy and increased health and vision for the powerful new YOU being created for the New Year!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Moringa Body Reset starter kit today and get the Moringa detox party started!