How Do You Like Your Energy? Mean vs. Clean

By now, some coffee fanatics may be thinking, “Why all the no caffeine fuss? My 2+ cups of coffee fuel my day perfectly. If my energy drops, I can just grab another cup of coffee!” A cup of coffee contains 70 mg or more of caffeine, while the natural caffeine in green tea ranges between 30-45 mg. With its effects peaking at 15-45 minutes after ingestion, caffeine provides temporary energy that increases the heart rate and blood pressure. Although caffeine in moderation has its benefits, it is definitely not for everyone, as it directly affects the central nervous system, tends to be addictive, and can disrupt sleep patterns.1

Coffee Compared to Green Moringa Latte

Varying individual responses to caffeine are largely a result of genetics. While drinking 2 cups of coffee daily may provide the desired morning spike in energy and an increased tolerance to nervous system effects such as anxiety and jitters, frequent caffeine intake leads to caffeine withdrawal manifesting as decreased performance and mental alertness, slower reaction times, and greater sleepiness by late afternoon.2 Drinking coffee regularly resembles taking a pharmaceutical drug – there are some benefits, but the side effects are often more unpleasant than the lack of energy that prompted its ingestion. In fact, such detrimental effects can be downright mean, depending on the amount of caffeine consumed and the severity of symptoms. Ingesting over 4 cups of coffee (approximately 400 mg of caffeine) daily increases all causes of death for those under age 55. Yikes! Why not opt for a cleaner energy option?

Meet the Clean, Energizing (and caffeine free), Supergreen!

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Alternatively, a personal daily dose of 1-2 teaspoons of Pure Organic Moringa bestows clean energy, provides rich nutrients, and boasts countless healing benefits, such as successfully treating inflammation, joint pain, digestive disorders, hypertension, diabetes, parasitic diseases, anemia, and skin conditions while providing cardiovascular and immune support, and protecting against numerous pathogens (E. coli, Salmonella, Candida, H. pylori and Staphylococcus). Moringa is the champion Tree of Life that provides clean, sustainable energy and supports the body’s efforts to balance and heal. It’s time to trade in the coffee jitters for sustained moringa magnificence!

Start incorporating this naturally energizing and caffeine-free green superfood into your morning routine and discover the clean, green, energizing (caffeine-free) superfood you’ve been waiting for! We have bundled a collection of uplifting moringa products to help you kick the caffeine habit! Whether you’re looking to add a daily dose of our Organic Pure Moringa Powder to your morning routine or fuel your afternoon with Moringa Energy Bars and Green Tea Energy Plus+ wellness shots, this powerful supergreen is the best way to get you going and keep you going, all day long.

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Caffeine From Coffee Versus Non-Caffeinated Natural Moringa Superfood