Although the winter season is almost over, we are in the midst of the dreaded cold and flu season⁠—not to mention the current strains going around. According to the FDA, cold and flu season can begin as early as October and last through May. It generally peaks between December and February. If you are concerned about getting sick, here are five things to do that can support a healthy immune system.

Here are five tips to boost your immunity. Let us know in the comments if you have other tips too!

*It is important to note these tips are not guaranteed to prevent illness, but they are powerful ways to support your wellbeing.

#1 Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is important no matter the season, but it is paramount during cold and flu season. During the cold and flu seasonor any time of year reallymake sure you are clocking quality sleep each night. That means getting at least 6-8 hours of rest. If getting to bed earlier is a challenge, then adopt a nighttime routine that helps you unwind. Curl up with a good book, do some light stretching or get a gentle yoga flow on, light some scented candles, or maybe take a bubble bath. 

It’s also important to reduce screen time, and turn off all electronic devices, including the television, before a night of quality sleep. This can be a hard habit to break, but it’s possible!

#2 Drink Warm Fluids and Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to stay hydrated during the warm weather months when temperatures and humidity levels are high, but staying hydrated during the cold winter months can prove challenging. Instead of reaching for chilled water, try sipping warm fluids throughout the course of the day. Make a mug of homemade bone broth, sip on a cup of moringa tea or whip up a Moringa Green Latte. 

This winter, stay warm and hydrate all at the same time. Plus, you’ll get the added health benefits that come with drinking nutrient-rich drinks like those listed above.

#3 Eat Mindfully

Besides taking care of yourself through adequate sleep and proper hydration, there are certain foods that can help you feel your best during the winter cold and flu season. Foods like bone broth, fermented foods, fruits, and foods rich in Vitamin C can be powerful antidotes. Feeling overwhelmed with where to start? Consider trying our Get Well Soon Moringa Shot that features the superberry camu camu and can help you feel your best this winter and spring. 

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try making your own Moringa Apple Cider Vinegar Flu Shot. Let us know if you try either of these! We’d love to hear if it helped you stay well this season. 


#4 Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is critical in staying healthy. When it comes to reducing stress, focus on mindful practices like meditation, quiet time, calming tasks, and walks in nature. Call a family member or good friend, or immerse yourself in your local community. Maybe there’s local readings at a public library near you, or someone you can chat with over a cup of tea.

Spending quality time with yourself and others can reduce stress, decrease feelings of isolation, and increase overall feelings of belonging. So carve out time to give back to yourself. Self-care is not selfish: it is vital.  

You may even consider booking yourself a spa appointment or creating an at-home spa experience by creating a cozy night in.

#5 Sanitize

Keeping clean and sanitizing your surroundings is a good practice that reduces your exposure to germs and viruses. Wash your hands with hot to warm water and scrub with soap for 30-40 seconds. A good rule of thumb is to either sing the alphabet or happy birthday song two times through. Use hand sanitizer when away from home and use it to clean all of your devicesincluding cell phones, computers and keyboards. 

Keep your home clean too by wiping down all doorknobs, and high traffic areas and surfaces like kitchen counters and bathroom vanities.

Remember, these five tips are not guaranteed to prevent the cold and flu, but they can help keep you and your immune system in optimal health. In turn, this can set your body up for success when it comes to defending against the cold and flu.

Moringa tea

Moringa tea

Did you try any of these tips to boost your immune system? If so, please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.


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