As a moringa-based company, Kuli Kuli likes to share our vision of moringa with the greater community by sharing all about moringa efforts in the US. Nutrition, small-scale agriculture, and sustainable farming are all related. From the farmers who grow moringa to the individuals who blend it into smoothies, we all play a role in the moringa movement.

In this article, we want to celebrate the work by Russell and Jewell Bean, who run a farm in Alabama with moringa trees, fruits, vegetables, goats, and more! Enjoy the article, and feel free to leave a comment below, or share with a friend.

Meet Russell and Jewell Bean

Russell & Jewell Bean are third-generation farmers based in Eufaula, Alabama. They operate 88 acres on S & B Farm, which has been in Jewell’s family for 105 years. Their farm is a lively place. Vegetables, fruits, medicinal herbs, goats, poultry, and heritage pigs call the S & B farm home. Animals on the S & B Farm eat moringa too, and benefit from eating the superfood.

James Brady, a Leader in the Moringa Movement, introduced the Kuli Kuli team to Russell and Jewell Bean. James and Russell grew up in Public Housing in Alabama, and were also members of the Boys and Girls Club; as children, neither one knew of their journey into the moringa world. Today, both men are moringa growers and advocates of a plant unheard of growing up!

Moringa is a central part of the Bean’s farm. “We were introduced to moringa through our Jamaican mechanic,” Russell and Jewell share. “Moringa has a way of assisting the body in many ways to heal itself.”

At the S & B Farm, the Beans grow moringa until winter settles in. They also introduce moringa to other farmers in the area, and share their moringa seeds with their clients throughout the United States.

“We use moringa in our drinks, meals, medicine cabinet and throughout the farm.” -Jewell and Russell Bean

Jewell & Russell are award-winning farming experts. They were named 2016 Lloyd Wright Small Farmer and 2017 Small Farmers of the Year by Alabama NRCS. They have also been featured in several top magazines, newspapers and televisions stations.

Resource Specialists with a Love for Moringa

Jewell & Russell received Resolutions from Alabama House of Representatives, Alabama State Senate and Barbour County Commission for their work as farmers in the community, county, state and region. Jewell is a Resource Specialist for Food, Nutrition, Health, Youth and Community Development with Tuskegee University. Russell is a Resource Specialist for Small Farm, Agriculture and Environment with Tuskegee University. Russell and Jewell have several published research in the Professional Agricultural Workers Journal.

Moringa trees on Bean Farm

Moringa Trees on the Bean Farm

Russell & Jewell has completed more than 25 classes each in agricultural plant & animal sciences practices. The Bean’s are certified in FSMA, Postharvest, Risk Management, Marketing, Master Goat Producers, Tunnel House Production and Energy Data Collector. Russell & Jewell completed the 2-year Small Farmer Agricultural Leadership Institute Program from Southern University and A & M College System. Jewell & Russell have trained thousands of small-scale farmers with their peer-to-peer and hands-on trainings, workshops and seminars over the past 5 years.

Training Certificates Available!

Jewell and Russell offer a one-year training certificate to anyone interested in farming. They cover everything agricultural. Most of their trainings are geared toward New and Beginning Farmers/Ranchers, Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Military Veterans. Russell & Jewell also have a great working relationship with Tuskegee University, Auburn University, Alabama A & M University and many other Agricultural Universities throughout the U.S.

The Jewell & Russell family motto is, “Never give up, but always give back! It is all about what you do for others.” All of their work honors this motto, and together, Jewell and Russell help make moringa and small-scale farming in the United States prosper.

For more articles on other moringa leaders, please read our other article, Meet James Brady: A Leader in the Moringa Movement. Feel free to leave a comment below too!

Thank you to Russell and Jewell Bean, for all they do to share moringa with small-scale farmers throughout the United States.

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